10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a war: Listen closely because we will all see this weapon used in our lives. It can be used on a society of the most ignorant to the most highly educated. We need to see their tactics as a weapon against humanity and not as truth.First step: create the enemy. Sometimes this will be done for you.Second step: be sure the enemy you have chosen is nothing like you. Find obvious differences like race, language, religion, dietary habits fashion. Emphasize that their soldiers are not doing a job, they are heatless murderers who enjoy killing!Third step: Once these differences are established continue to reinforce them with all disseminated information. This can be done through state run media. Remember, in times of conflict all for-profit media repeats the ruling party’s information. Therefore all for-profit media becomes state-run.Fifth step: show this enemy in actions that seem strange, militant, or different. Always portray the enemy as non-human, evil, a killing machine.Chorus:
THIS IS HOW TO CREATE AN ENEMY. THIS IS HOW TO START A WAR. THIS IS HOW TO CREATE AN ENEMY. Sixth step: Eliminate opposition to the ruling party. Create an "Us versus Them" mentality. Leave no room for opinions in between. One that does not support all actions of the ruling party should be considered a traitor.Seventh step: Use nationalistic and/or religious symbols and rhetoric to define all actions. This can be achieved by slogans such as "freedom loving people versus those who hate freedom." This can also be achieved by the use of flags.Eighth step: Align all actions with the dominant deity. It is very effective to use terms like, "It is god’s will" or "god bless our nation."Ninth step: Design propaganda to show that your soldiers have feelings, hopes, families, and loved ones. Make it cleat that your soldiers are doing a duty; they do not want or like to kill.Tenth step: Create and atmosphere of fear, and instability and then offer the ruling party as the only solutions to comfort the public’s fears. Remembering the fear of the unknown is always the strongest fear.Chorus (repeat)We are not countries. We are not nations. We are not religions. We are not gods. We are not weapons. We are not ammunition. We are not killers. We will NOT be tools.

Mother fuckers
I will not die
I will not kill
I will not be your slave
I will not fight your battle
I will not die on your battlefield
I will not fight for your wealth
I am not a fighter
I am a human being!!!

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    General CommentI think if people really used there brains and we had a second Age of Enlightenment that those people would realize what foolish pawns in this game they have been.
    I find the fact that its always "God Bless America" or "Support Our Troops" very appaling.
    If people stopped voting the same D vs. R every time and voted for what they truly thought was right AND actually understood what they were voting for they as well as we would be much better off.
    Most people fail at realizing who the enemy really is.
    The enemy is not the Muslims, Democrats, or Republicans, its OuRsElVeS.
    The enemy is the military.
    The enemy is our religion.
    The enemy is the corporations that run sweatshops.
    The enemy is our traditions.
    The enemy is our government.
    The enemy is our hormones.
    But most importantly the enemy is all of the rebels that have let this go on for so long.
    Where are the protesters?
    Where are the prophets?
    Why haven't we set an example by uniting ourselves?
    We hear of small protests from time to time but nothing changes.
    Nothing is acomplished.
    You can't try once and call it quits.
    One small try won't stop our government.
    We need to stick together, never back down, and show them we aren't just a bunch of teenage rebels with enraged hormones.
    Don't let constant propganda that "the troops are brave and saving lives" get to you.
    The Abu Ghraib prison was horrible but its been going on longer than that.
    Don't just wear a T-shirt but go tell people why.
    I love Anti-Flag and they are doing a LOT of good, but thier messages will go unheard if we don't preach them.
    Being a fan doesn't mean just enjoying/believing them but spreading thier word.
    They will only win if we let them.

    "Just because you're tied to the fence doesn't mean you can't bark at the cars."
    Xemnason March 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, one of my favorite A-F songs ever, because it really opens your eyes to show how we got here to this war and how wars are started... and also how they can be prevented. brilliant.
    musickid07on November 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAwsome song!
    threaton April 30, 2002   Link
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    General Commentright on :)
    dorkon May 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentBush Propaganda , 10 steps to create a war...
    LouisNofXon May 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYou would imagine people would see this. People are so foolish...people are tools.
    Anti-Flag is brilliant, yet they're simply observing...
    Luminaireon May 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, my friend and I were pointing out the parts that America has already done. (Yeah, yeah, I know, if I hate America so much, why don't I move to Russia.)

    On another note, does anyone know who precisely says the spoken parts? I think it's Chris Head. It doesn't sound like Justin or #2, so I'm just guessing here.. I'm going to Warped Tour and they're going to be there, so if no one knows, I might be able to ask them. Whoever it is, I love the voice.. It's so wonderful..
    MicrowavableSkankon June 06, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYou bitch!!
    I hate you now! j/k I too am going to warped tour, but the Pittsburg show. Anti-flag is playing the show right before that as their last. I think it's Pat, personally....The last time I saw them live I was talking to him after the show, and to me it sounds like he's the one doing the spoken part. Great song though...
    As too your discussion with your friend, America Has already done all ten steps, and it isn't the first time it has.....just the most recent, and most americans have a very short memory, or they'd remember that Reagan, Carter, and Bush Sr. all supported Osama bin Laden.
    Enjoy the Anti-flag show. I was so drunk I couldn't remember thier set, but they're my favorite band! ;-)
    Punkfishon June 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentLol, my friend Sarah is going to the Pittsburgh show too. She's jealous I get to see them, but HEY! It's their hometown! Hahaha..

    Ahhhhhh I was thinking about that after I posted. It would make sense for Pat to say it, since he co-wrote it, right? Yeaaah, I'm a geek.

    Also, am I the lonely dork in the corner who just noticed this, but are those their real names? I mean.. think about it.. Jusin Sane (Just Insane), Pat Thetic (Pathetic).. And then you have Chris (Gimme) Head.. and No.2 is just No.2.... Ya know? I can't figure out if it's just some weiiiiiiird coincidence or intentional...
    MicrowavableSkankon June 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'd say intentional.....after all, who'd name their kid No. 2? it's intentional.
    Punkfishon June 21, 2002   Link

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