"Transmetropolitan" as written by and Shane Patrick Lysaght Macgowan....
In the rosy parks of England
We'll sit and have a drink
Of VP wine and cider 'til we can hardly think
And we'll go where the spirits take us
To heaven or to hell
And kick up bloody murder in the town we love so well

Going transmetropolitan
From the dear old streets of King's Cross
To the doors of the ICA
Going transmetropolitan
We'll drink the rat's piss, kick the shite
And I'm not going home tonight

From Brixton's lovely boulevards
To Hammersmith's sightly shores
We'll scare the Camden Palace poofs
And worry all the whores
There's leechers up in Whitehall
And queers in the GLC
And when we've done those bastards in
We'll storm the BBC

Going transmetropolitan
From Surrey Docks to Somers Town
With a KMRIA
Going transmetropolitan
We'll drink the rat's piss, kick the shite
And I'm not going home tonight

From a 5 pound bet in William Hills
To a Soho sex-shop dream
From a fried egg in Valtaro's
To a Tottenham Court Road ice cream
We'll spew and lurch, get nicked and fixed
On the way we'll kill and maim
When you haven't got a penny, boys
It's all the bloody same

Going transmetropolitan
From Pentonville Road on a sunset eve
To the beauty that's Mill Lane
Going transmetropolitan
We'll drink the rat's piss, kick the shite
And I'm not going home tonight

This town has done us dirty
This town has bled us dry
We've been here for a long time
And we'll be here 'til we die
So we'll finish off the leavings
Of blood and glue and beer
And burn this bloody city down
In the summer of the year

Going transmetropolitan
From Arlington House with a 2 bob bit
To the Scottish shores today
Going transmetropolitan
We'll drink the rat's piss, kick the shite
And I'm not going home tonight

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"Transmetropolitan" as written by Shane Patrick Lysaght Macgowan

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    General CommentKMRIA - Kiss My Royal Irish Arse. I believe Joyce coined the acronym. Consequently, I think the ICA is the Institute of Contemporary Art (London), and the GLC is the Greater London Council. I'm not British, though, so I could be wrong. The Greater London Council was dissolved in 1986, two years after Red Roses for Me was released. Time frame's right, and what better way to deal with politicians than doing the bastards in? Hypothetically speaking, of course . . .

    NellieWhiskeyon June 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentA manifesto for the London Irish of the 80's ... drinking and making mayhem all across the capital. This song folllowed hard on the heels of the more reflective, but similarly themed Dark Streets of London .. two takes on Irish London. A few non-politically correct references but funny all the same. In case anyone doesn't know ....

    ICA - as said above, the Institute of Contemporary Arts on the Mall.
    Brixton's lovely boulevards .... irony ... in the 80s Brixton (south London) was seen as a no-go area by many and most famous for the black riots.
    Hammersmith's sightly shores .... Hammersmith was a big Irish are in West London with pubs along the river. Again, nothing "sightly" to most people and no "shores" you'd recognize as such.
    Camden Palace poofs ... "poofs" is an English pejorative slang for gays that you would never hear now. The Camden Palace nightclub at the time was the mecca of the new romantics, Spandau, Culture Club, Steve Strange etc.... it's clear what Shane thought of them!
    Whitehall is the boulevard in Westminster where the main government offices are and the term "whitehall" covers government and civil service in general.
    Queers in the GLC ... as someone said, that was the Greater London Council which at the time had a pretty far left-wing administration which supported what at the time was a controversial (!) equal rights for gays agenda.
    Somers Town ... was a big Irish area just between Camden and Euston Road
    Pentonville Road on a sunset eve .. again sounds poetic but ironic ... a big drinking area for Irish in north London but not somewhere you'd even see the sunset.
    The beauty that's mill lane ... not conventional beauty!

    It's hard to imagine that Shane's Irish London is pretty much gone.... many went back or faded into the background. The genuine Irish pubs are almost gone and the themed "Irish" pubs are ... well you know what they are.
    jackowon March 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWhat a great introduction to the Pogues, on their debut album. Punk vocals and thumping Celtic drum - top notch mega song!
    bkat004on May 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis - was the beginning of an era- and why are there only one..two comments now on this brilliant rocker of a track - this is the pogues at their best - fast and singing about drinking - classic
    cartlidgeon October 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentA song about London's homeless..
    Massapequaon November 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBy the way, this song is clearly inspired by the DC comic publication of the same name. The song's narrator is the British alter ego of Spider Jerusalem, the comic's antihero, a renegade reporter obsessed with the truth and grudgingly involved in a love-hate relationship with the dystopian city in which he lives, works and subsequently demolishes. He has an excessively foul mouth - hence "drink the rat's piss, kick the shite" - and keeps himself in a state of constant consciousness with drugs - hence "and I'm not going home tonight." Additionally, the first issue of Transmetropolitan was titled "The Summer of the Year." Scarce room for error in this situation, guys.

    P.S. The comic is the amusing, aggressive, satirical, masochistic, sadistic, vibrant, nonchalant, stylish, ragamuffin version of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Find it, grab it, read it. If it's good enough for Shane MacGowan, it should be good enough for his fans. It was indubitably good enough for this one.
    NellieWhiskeyon October 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOrwell lived in Arlington House (as did Brendan Behan), which Shane leaves with a two-bob bit.
    pcanningon May 19, 2016   Link

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