"Poly Sci" as written by and John E Forte....
[Forte' Speaking]

Political science...

The study of politics mixed with science...

Speak on it baby...

[Jeni Fujita Singing Chorus]

As I look in your eyes

I see the sunrise

I see the moonshine!

[20 Grand Pikasoe 1st Verse]

I'm from the days of the Colt 45's and gang bangers

Cocaine slangers who sliced doors no time to cook up

Them niggas like raw

It's all about the dollar now, white powder now

He owed us money so I watched my niggas tie him down

The conflict is crucial, police is neutral in this battlefield

Where the battles grill, like cattles grill for a platter mil

I even watched little Darryl deal

I love the ghetto, hate the ghetto

Must've been a genius who helped make the ghetto

So I sit back and taste the 'retto

I got beef, how can you misplace my metal?

It's a sob story, it's bad the way they robbed Tory

Of course, must've been religious

'Cause they took a small tainin' across

Wrong game to play, boss

Every night's a bug out

They shot up every corner where I hung out

Some nights I cry to this

Even though it's posi-flip (?)

[Jeni Fujita - Singing chorus]

It's like the sunrise

Just like the moonshine!

The rain stops, and your girl smiles...just for you (Yeah)

For you don't know, the love I have for you!

[Forte' - 2nd Verse]

Mommy, I keep my name on your brain like Missy

With The Rain, I'm from the school of stolen sneakers

Speakers and heavy chains, no lie

To the knowlie, why?

God see I , learned the ways of the street, degrees in Poly Sci

Many days under heat

It pays for sticking him

Watch him beast on the lean, routine curriculum

Black vans, maybe a TransAm, exams get done

Pop Quiz, figure out them niggas who hit son

God give, God take away

And it's easy to see

Spell 'til, the lord kill indiscriminately

We infinitely excel, keep the fans compelled

The bigger picture, watch the ones who're wit' ya

I clean the pie, and seen 'em die

Travel life more than once

Maybe, me and I...had been greeted by, so many conceded eyes

That'd be wise, when I met too many girls around the world

And delete the lies

[Jeni Fujita - Singing Chorus]

It's like my music, a new tune you never heard

Hear, your heart beat

The bass hits! And you feel it

It's real it's not a sample! I saw you playing my piano!


[Forte - 3rd Verse]

Now I, rock jew-els now and then

A little lights - n - platinum

A little beef on the street, no harm in clappin' them

Savage nations, ghetto life no ramifications

Dead debating, keeping every crackhead basing

My auntie steady saying that we wasting, money

I like tasting, the finer things in life, like a mason

Police, plague - hatin'

Everything that the court own

Brownsville would pry, classified as a warzone

The Brook god, so trife

Originale low-life

To sport it, boost it, the ghetto can't afford it

Trade it, sort it, stress, new port it

No tags never ordered

You broke it, you bought it

A twenty five - to life, my little son-son caught it

'Til this day, we admit it, that we did it, he 'gon bid it

Kept his mouth shut, and never shitted

On who his murder flirted with death

Like every team, aiight! You know the verdict!

[Forte - Speaking]

Want me to say it one more time Ma, is that what you want?...

[Jeni Singing]

Say one more time!

[Forte - Continues]

For every city blocker, glock rocker

Cats who get they weight off, for every kid who had a parent laid off

No healthcare, had us co-dependents out on welfare

Speak amongst yourself, 'cause in the streets, no one else care

The powers that be, I see you knelt there

Them jealous cats who slang crack, I'm glad to send you back,

'cause you dealt there

We all want to shine for basis, 'til we easy

LG for GP, only the realest niggas meet me

Conversing through the wee-wee hours of the morning, sleepy

Always stay alert, 'cause the pain hurt too deeply

Ain't nothing changed, I'm stuck on myself

'Cause you mundane

You wonder while you're just gold?

You're stuck on one plain

Now we must hold, very fueled make it through the threshold

I'm blessed though, the head distincts before I let go

A major death toll

It's all about the babies, fuck the best coast

I keep my family eating, 'til I'm done breathing

[Jeni Fujita - Singing Chorus]

Hear, your heart beat! (Forte' - You heard?! .....Nutzbaby]

The bass hits, and you feel it

It's real, it's not a sample! I saw you playing my piano!

Unh- Huh!

All you had to do, was make a record! Yeah

All you had to do, was make a record! Say one more time!

All I want to do, is hold you!

Forever, Forever and ever, if you need to lean on me!

Don't run, I'm here for you,

Just like the sunrise!

Just like the moonshine!

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"Poly Sci" as written by John E Forte


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