"Unhook The Stars" as written by Jan Pulsford and Cyndi Lauper....
Just when everything's in order and good, things fall apart
Just when life should be resolving I'm back at the beginning,
And it comes back to the heart ...
I'm not really sad...I'm not running, I'm looking...
Did I tell you I've saved all your letters and cards...
There's just nothing left for me to do here but unhook the stars...

Do you remember when I told you all that I could and it seemed like too much...
Well I was living your life hoping you'd never fall...
If I held on tight enough...
And letting go now is like a passport to anywhere...
With time on my hands I can make a new start...
I just didn't want to stay here and unhook the stars
I just didn't want to stay here and unhook the stars

Don't worry for me it's just I'm inspired
Waiting in the wings made me drunk with possibility
It rivals my memories...

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"Unhook the Stars" as written by Janet Pulseford Cyndi Lauper

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    General Commentthis song is brilliant & people should really comment something about it, or at least listen to it!

    "waiting in the wings made me drunk with possibilities, it rivals my memories."

    i'd quote more but i'd be quoting the entire song.
    probablyfrozenon January 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of the most beautiful and haunting songs of all time. I heard it first as the theme tune to the film of the same name. I stood in the cinema at the end and just listened.

    Last year i separated from my wife and this song perfectly desribes the experience. The sadness of an ending but the possibilities that open up. I never did work out the exact meaning of 'unhook the stars'. I always took it to mean pack up and move on.
    daddleson March 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me, it’s like she didn’t want to stay
    and watch something beautiful fall apart,
    although she may have known that it was
    and there was nothing she could do.
    Things fall apart.
    But she almost didn’t want to watch it fall apart
    because the stars were once so bright (her love was),
    or she saw it that way.
    And I think maybe she still loves this person,
    but not in the same way, and she’s
    sorry it has to be over because it was so great,
    she didn’t want to unhook the stars with them.
    But she is also content with what is happening
    and hopeful.
    I don't know, this kind of means to me that she thought
    everything was beautiful but she just didn't feel
    the same and she's sorry she is unhooking the stars with her relationship or whatever,
    but she is open and looking and hopeful and ready for something else maybe.
    She says she's not running away or sad,
    which is why I think she's content.
    She said she kept all his letter though,
    which to me shows that he still has meaning
    to her, but as I said not in the same way.
    I don't know, just my interpretation!
    This song really speaks to me.
    speaksofton August 13, 2008   Link

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