Who wants a genius anyway
Who worries if he's had enough sleep?
I'd take the bad new any day
If it meant that you were mine to keep

Sweet is the certified nervous wreck
Who now and then likes to appear
To lecture the night and the empty space
And sleep in the cradle of my ear
A few pills a day keeps the anger away
"The people can go" he says
"The furniture stays"

Trying to find a warm place to hide
Maybe born before your time
How unfair to our human eyes
How I wish you were alright
'Cause I worry . . .

Hello to the ghost of '88
My favorite Canadian mess
Remembered the sound of the galaxy
And came here expecting no less

How many nights did you
Lock up inside of that
Terrible lonely streak
And those beautiful eyes
Trying to find a warm place to hide
Maybe born before your time
How unfair to our human eyes
How I wish you were alright
'Cause I worry
About you

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    General CommentWhen I was 17, I identified with this song in a way I can't even fathom today. That's the thing about Sarah's music.

    It gets to you in a place you can't really describe.
    aydiosmioon April 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIf I didn't know better I would swear my mother wrote this song with sarah. I can practicly go line by line.

    "who wants a genius anyway"- i was a smart child. too intellectually advanced for kids my own age but not emotionally advanced for older children.

    "sweet is the certified nervous wreck...to lecture the night...." - yeah thats me. I had a habit of coming and going, stay in my corner, make a comment and then leave again. and the late night conversations and moving of my furniture was another habit.

    "few pills a day..furniture stays"- i used to be on alot of medication. One to counter act another after another. and i was always alone, hiding under teacher's desks, tubes on the playground, behind bushes. i just wanted to be alone away from the other kids.

    "born before your time...cause i worry"- nearly verbatem what my mother used to say to me. She would say i was born before my time and that it was unfair to everyone because people didnt know how to deal with me and i always got hurt from it.

    Ghost of '88- my birth year :)

    How many nights...warm place to hide"- i also use to lock myself in the bathroom alot. it was the only room with a lock. and my mother used to also say 'you were a happy child, with the most pretty and the saddest eyes"
    zootieszooon March 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI remember reading that this is about Glenn Gould, the composer, and I thought the '88 was a reference to the number of keys on a piano. After that. It's a happy sad song. It's like, I was a smarter than average child, I had a genius IQ and I was totally below average in my other skills and a bit of a freak oddball and mess. But I grew out of both a bit..here is this beautiful multi talented young woman, Sarah Slean, and she gets him. But to look at her, at first glance it doesn't seem like she'd know what it's like to be a lonely freak out of place in the world. But I guess if she was like everyone else, she'd never have been compelled to make songs and art. So they're kindred spirits and maybe even writing to a part of her own self in the song.
    AlmostSomedayon June 26, 2017   Link

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