"I Know" as written by Byron O. Thomas, Dwayne Carter and Christopher Noel Dorsey....
Loud mouth, suits and ties
Liars, with money and girls
The kind you fit in your pocket
I can't save them from this darkness
My sisters, I love them all
My faeries pinned against the wall

I know what you want
And I know what you want
And I know

Doll, made of paint and china
Your worth lies only in these
But you're real to me
Little bones, will you break these legs like twigs now?
There's pain here you'll never have to feel
Never have to feel

I know what you want
And I know what you want
And I know

And I would fight a thousand men
I'd fight fire and wind and rain
I'd cry a river of tears for them
The bodies floating there
Christ-like and bare
Tell me, is that fair?

There are some things I can't forgive
Some things I just can't forgive
Some things

Jesus, I thought we had an understanding
The fact that you can buy a woman
Makes me want to die
Where were you last night?
Jesus, Jesus
Where were you?

And I know what you want
I know it all too well
And I know
I know

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"I Know" as written by Luther Vandross Reed Philip Vertelney

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    General CommentHere are some quotes I took off of littleslean.com(before it disappeared) by Sarah on her song:

    With “I Know” it was just the sort of thing where you read the paper and you read about how many men are hurting other women, and I mean women are very violent too, and I know women are criminals too, but you hear about how violent things can get in a society and how sexually violent they can get. I remember a time when I went to three movies in one week and each one had a rape scene in it and I was like why do people want to see this? Why are we attracted to this sort of hideous violence?

    The line in this song “Where were you last night” is like, where does that come in to having hope when you see all this sort of stuff around you and you read details of it in the paper. How can you have hope when you see stuff like that? How can you trust other people? How can you begin to have a relationship with a man if you see this around you all the time? It’s like, “I know what you want” Sometimes you start to feel like that.
    jtklarineton January 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt sends chills down my spine.
    It speaks of the way women are still viewed as second class citizens in this country. That nothing will change until we realize that women are not property, they aren't objects to be bought and sold.
    A beautiful song.
    balloftwineon July 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the saddest songs i've heard. Sarah's currently my favorite singer/songwriter. This song just makes you realize that politics/wars/disputes are all minor problems and it's everything taken as a whole. i don't really think there was any "religious" mentions in the song....she refer's to Jesus...but i don't think it had any "religious" connotation to it.
    senzafineon April 27, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is very depressing but one of my favorite songs all time especially the piano and violin accompaning the sad vocals. In my mind this song is about prositution and how all these girls starve themselves and paint themselves up so that they can be boughten and how much anger she "Sarah" has against this whole act and the men who would buy a woman just for a sinful sex act. I think the references to Jesus make the song even more so intense. It's said that Jesus has saved us from Sins but yet there are many ppl still suffering from sins on this earth and she "Sarah" wonders where Jesus is if he has saved us then why is there still so much hurting going on and so many girls being used. Beautiful and breathtaking this song is.
    kandeecoatedon November 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe religious freaks are ridiculous. If anything the Jesus references are blasphemous. She is calling Jesus out. "Jesus, I thought we had an understanding" "Where were you last night, Jesus? Jesus, where were you?" She is obvisously calling him out. If God is so great than how can he allow such things to happen?
    takenmusicon January 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI don't believe that there is much religious connotation either. " Bodies floating Christ like and bare", I think just describes the way that they were arranged, floating in the water as if they WERE on a cross. Asking where Jesus is i believe is just her way of stating that the world has gone to shit.
    Aztridon November 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentShe cries for the sinners but she can't forgive them. Jesus died for them and her sisters are dying. This is such a beautiful song but all the religious mentions just ruin it for me a little.
    paranoia_girlon August 02, 2002   Link

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