"Goin' Home" as written by and Dean/harwood Wareham....
In the place you said you'd meet me,
I don't see you hanging around
(I'm goin' home) if that's all you ever tell me,
Seems you don't wanna be found (and I'm goin' home) don't come over,

I can't
Ower no more meetin',
I been beaten got a blast of what I should be busy doing.
Yes, I'm lost (I'm goin' home) I want to tell you that I miss you,
But I'm pissed you blew me off (I'm goin' home)
Ore meetin', I been beaten go ahead fake it,
I can't shake it I breath all alone I need nothing,
I can do by the pound the tension's mountin' wrapped around me feelin' tight
I'm goin' home

E castin' out some psycho, you'll need me.
Tantrum? I won't bite (I'm goin' home) on a day that's burnin' this crazed,
Don't tempt me 'cause I might (I'm goin' home)
If it's gonna be the last ti
Ell then maybe it's alright (I'm goin' home)
It's inside, but go ahead fight it I've about had it,
Go ahead grab it I can't take it,
Go ahead fake it I breath all alone for you I need and you
Kin's true I breath all alone for you I need nothin',
I can do people tell me that you miss me and I guess I'm doin' fine

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"Goin Home" as written by Joseph Donald Mascis Jr


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    General CommentI think the lyric is: If you're castin' out some psycho "need me" tantrum, I won't bite. Like she's freaking out because she wants him to still love her and need her, but he's moving on.

    You know those break ups that get really messy because both people still love each other but they've hurt each other too badly for the relationship to ever be healthy again? I think that's what this song describes. In the beginning of the song, the speaker is still trapped in the cycle, but he breaks free from it in the end. The line "go ahead fake it" makes me think of those tearful declarations of love or doing other things to try to keep him, when really they both know that their relationship will never be back to what it was. In the beginning, he "can't shake it," so he's still susceptible to these antics. At the end, he "can't take it" so he's over it. And the line "if it's gonna be the last time, well then maybe it's alright" is really cool too. You get this image of the speaker realizing he doesn't want this anymore and trying to justify meeting with her one last time.

    Obligatory personal addition: this song always kills me because it could have been written out of the perspective of my ex. I feel sympathy for the girl (or other person, whatever gender) because I imagine she's as lost as the speaker. They both miss each other, but their relationship is completely in-salvageable and he's the first one to accept that and "go home."

    augustsunon December 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song sounds like it's about him being used by some girl, yet, he continually goes back to her. It seems like it's about a struggle of if he really needs her or not, even though she treats him horribly.
    Grayon March 29, 2003   Link
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    General Commentit's not necessarily a girl... it could be just some friend.
    ObscuredInDevotionon February 20, 2005   Link
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    General Commentreminds me of my last "relationship". you can tell that person all you like that they have a place in your heart, but if they're not there when they should, you have to move on. go home. move on.
    lilybarton October 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think he's also expressing sadness that he just wants to be a certain way, kind of lovey with this girl, but at the same time he knows he's hurting himself. Despite the fact that he says he's going home, other things in the song ("wanna tell you that I miss you" "I breathe all alone for you" etc) suggest that he's just kidding himself because although he may know that he should be getting back to what he's meant to be doing, his feelings are too strong and he knows it's not gonna happen. I think "Gray" got it on the head actually
    Mindglowon December 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhy must every Dinosaur Jr. lyric have an Uma comment. J has repeatedly said that he barely knew her in school. She was a few years behind him. Every Uma comment gets a down vote from me.
    CliffLandinon April 09, 2015   Link
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    General Commentits about Uma of course!!!!!
    goin back to amherst and Uma isnt there
    latino_kenoon March 12, 2005   Link

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