(Jimmy G.) :
Let the bass make your spine jerk, drums make your ears hurt,
Hear me deliverin’ this phat ass verse, been puttin’ in work,
Eventually I’ll master the craft and sit back, grab the phone and tell the boss to kiss my ass,
You won’t see me in the mornin’, 8 o’clock on the button,
I’ll be on the lake fishin’, blazin’ fire with my cousin,
(THAT’S IT) As I become one with the fish,
Collect my thoughts for a bit until I’m ready to spit,
Pick up my celly and shit, then proceed to hit up my kids
and connect ‘em voice dialed through sprint, I tell ‘em meet me at the spot with some hot ish,
They say ‘Jimmy you got lyrics?’, SON I GOT THIS!!
Continuously the past two days kid I been writin’,
Had to polish my game to make the stage show excitin’,
It’s frightenin’, while y’all hang loose we keep it tightened,
Y’all talk like thunder, we show and prove like lightnin’ ,
Aight then, why you always hatin’ on me?
I’m doin’ my thing on stage, I make the crowds move for free,
I ain’t getting’ paid nothin’, so why you frontin’?
With all that hard talkin’ you’re about to start something
You don’t really wanna get into,
I’ll disassemble your nose, and possibly puncture a lung too,
With a one then a two combination you’re through,
Blows from my Timberland boots leave you bruised like bad fruit,
(SO WHAT IT LOOK LIKE) I might be white, but I still possess the skills
To rip mic’s, when I’m sober, when I’m schwilled I keep it real,
With my vocabulary spills I’m ill, like L, with lyrical skill,
Like Hyundai cause I Accel,
Whack competitors get whaced if their style’s an act,
It’s been a long time but I’m back on the GCH track,
I speak on fact while most of y’all cat’s be preachin’ fiction,
The way you rhyme and live in life’s a contradiction,
You need to listen closely to the words I speak,
Also get accustomed used to the word defeat,
Bless beats like a Roman priest from dusk ‘til dawn,
My written flow be holy water, I spray shit ‘til your gone…

CHORUS (Travis) :
Extra, Extra…Read all about it,
You takin’ us out kid, I highly doubt it,
When live wires connect they cause a surge,
That electrocutes your ears the illest shit you ever heard.
Extra, Extra…Read all about it,
You takin’ us out kid, haha I doubt it,
When live wires connect they cause a surge,
That electrocutes your ears the illest shit you ever heard.

VERSE 2 (Travis) :
Ring the alarm, cause Travie Won is shining,
Ring the alarm, cause I’ve begun refining,
Ring the alarm, cause GCH is coming,
Ring the alarm, and hear the drummer drumming,
Ring Ring the alarm, bring it back to react and respond,
I’ll Pierce your teflon vest with Double O’s like James Bond,
Me say ‘Mon, it be no problem’, like a Jamaican,
You ought never to try and compare this to you because you fakin’
(BUM-BA-CLAHT) You must have been so severely mistaken,
If Hip-Hop today’s a yard full of leaves, its time for rakin’,
Ain’t no time for playin’, pay attention to these words I’m sayin’,
Cause these might be the feet which to whom you will be prayin’,
Verbal slayin’, the last be first, first shall be last,
In like 2 point 5 I get medieval on your ass,
Play on the grass, but you know you’re bound to step in doo-doo,
Never no need to front, cause we don’t be frontin’ like you do,
On some real shit, you don’t wanna do nothin’ now do you?
So screw you, we’re true warriors like Shaka Zulu,
With that juice, not like Tupac’s Bishop but Desmond Tutu,
And there you have it, most of y’all be quick to speak on Travis,
Not even knowin’ the full capabilities of his madness,
You thought you had this, when you can’t even come near me,
In fact just you thinking that shit is kinda scary,
I’m leavin’ heads Gratefully Dead like Jerry.


VERSE 3 (Travis) :
Everything’s in the process, mad stress no rest,
You could test but you’ll never ever penetrate this lyrical crest,
I’m armor, you’ll get slapped with this fat rosey palm,
Ask your mama, about that last soap opera drama,
Son I’m wicked, do you want a first class ticket,
To a beatin’, show your ass and I’m inclined to kick it,
Keep it real, that’s just another bum ass deal,
Sometimes I feel it makes me get a little crazy like seal,
But I’m survivin’, ain’t drivin’ cause I just got my license,
All I got to my name is lint, a Herkimer diamond, and 79 cents,
And a mountain bike that’s just about as broke as my pockets,
I’m broke to the point that I’m about to pull my own eye sockets,
But there’s more to life than just them new Jordan’s, and right now
I’m rockin’ anything my Dad’s affordin’, I come complete
Whole like Vitamin D, while cat’s just Skim the surface,
If 2% is real the other 98 is nervous,
Open your eyes, take off them shades you ain’t the secret service,
Don’t be surprised, realize that ‘No disguise’ can hide your worthless,
I’ve tried and cried a million times to find my sole purpose,
I’ve tried and cried a million times to find my soul purpose.

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    General CommentI LOVE this song. I can't believe no one has commented on it yet. I really like how this song includes alot of them rapping and i love Travie's lyrics
    Fastlabon August 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentonly one comment? this song is really good! i like how the beat and the melody changes when the third verse comes in.
    michelle.on August 15, 2007   Link

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