"Crossroads" as written by and Tracy L Chapman....
All you folks think you own my life
But you never made any sacrifice
Demons they are on my trail
I'm standing at the crossroads of the hell
I look to the left I look to the right
There're hands that grab me on every side

Mmh, mmh
Mmh, mmh
All you folks think I got my price
At which I'll sell all that is mine
You think money rules when all else fails
Go sell your soul and keep your shell
I'm trying to protect what I keep inside
All the reasons why I live my life

Mmh, mmh
Mmh, mmh
Some say the devil be a mystical thing
I say the devil he a walking man
He a fool he a liar conjurer and a thief
He try to tell you what you want
Try to tell you what you need

Mmh, mmh
Mmh, mmh
Standing at the point
The road it cross you down
What is at your back
Which way do you turn
Who will come to find you first
Your devils or your gods

All you folks think you run my life
Say I should be willing to compromise
I say all you demons go back to hell
I'll save my soul, save myself

Mmh, mmh
Mmh, mmh
Save my soul, save myself
Save my soul, save myself
Save my soul, save myself
Save my soul, save myself

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"Crossroads" as written by Tracy L Chapman

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    General CommentI was thinking 'crossroads' might have been about a decision that she had to make. One road she would take to satisfy the 'folks' around her but the other road she could take to satisfy her own soul. By the end she says 'I say all you demons go back to hell
    I'll save my soul save myself '
    She saves herself. A beautiful song.
    felgon January 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFreedom. Beware and hold on!!!!! One love and light, mother meera holding thee.
    dovaon September 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is a very beautiful song. I think it's about doing the right thing and not being tempted by the evils of the world (the music biz, etc.)
    YouANdMeon January 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think this songs talks about the media influence and how they write stroy's and take pictures and basically steal her life.
    all she wants to do is write and sing songs that have meaning to them and does not use her fame just for the money.
    she is trying to good but sometimes its hard because of the pressure of being a celeb
    Hana33on June 20, 2007   Link

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