Lady Macbeth asked me to stab her husband to death
And we would wed and I would run for president
but I was hesitant it was evident that she was greedy
and would assassinate me like Kennedy
when she didn't have a need for me
read for me niggas who lack skills
but wish to take things and have great expectations
or great imitations like Gatsby
or perhaps be a duo personality like Jeckel and Hyde
I've got a prejudice to pride
I'm the lord of the rings
the lord of the flies
the lord of war & peace
but I surmise, I surprise wit these clouds up in my eyes
at weathering heights a hand full of Arabian nights
these women shake while I spear these men in tights
it all unravels
at times I feel big and small like Gulliver on his travels
I'm a taming of a shrew
that you can't handle
walk the earth like Jesus did in sandals
love, I'm the verbal vandal

my concepts is bomb threats
for those who want to hold comets
mcs - please - hold your comments

I speak mainly of mice and men
I'll impale them another death of a salesman
my souls on ice when
I hold loot like Ebineazer
betrayed by my main man like Brutus did to Caesar
and Judas did Jeazza
cannibals - like the witch in Hansel and Gretal
PD make this shit for real like Jepedo to Pinocchio
that's the way it's supposed to go
you gonna die for love Romeo, man I told you so....
they lost in me like I'm odysseys
a narcissus, so I'm not known for my modesty
but honestly little women have heming-ways
and don't see the importance of being earnest
I mean Nige really try to burn this like Hades
on the eleventh labour of Hercules
considered a Don Juan
but had to work for these
and drew up blanks
she read of loving me in diaries by Anne Frank
James Cameron yelled "cut!!" as the titanic sank..

--Chorus --

I flicker like a candle in the wind
was mistaken for a changeling
It's the same thing as Othello, a native son
with a native tongue
a mystery like that web that charlotte spun
one- hundred years in solitude
I followed you a Ahab did the great white
a Broadway just to learn to play write
I put my pen down on the Twelfth Night
then like Icarus I took flight
I concur brave new worlds
make wives out of girls
have the little mermaid boost me pearls
in this war of the worlds
on this side of paradise
like steppenwolf - I terrorize-
watch medusa in her eyes and watch her crystallize
I laugh - have your girl feeding me the grapes of wraith
on page 5-11 but still can't feel the half
I'm math like the meaning of relativity
PD is quality of graffiti
But cats can't read we, brothers act greedy
They don't understand that the industry is sneaky
They want a brother getting owners of lot
I do it like this and try to control owned rhymes
Even though I put my soul on the dotted line
Brother better understand that we try to shine!
In place concepts and brothers don't see the myth
I do like this god given as I speak my gift
It be the tribes of scribe we do it like this
And these brothers don't see that we repel
Pocket Dwell and excel in any context!

© 2000 Nigel Williams (U.N.I.versal Music)

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