"Badman's Song" as written by Nicky Holland and Roland Orzabal....
Heard every word that was said that night
When the light of the world put the world to right
Well here's to the boys back in 628
Where an ear to the wall was a twist of fate
I will shine a blinding light
Through those hearts as black as night
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But as least the seeds of love will be sown
Now once in awhile when I feel no shame
I get down on my knees and I pray for rain
And though the breeze blows gently while I state my case
There'll be certain men waiting just to scratch my face
Hand on my heart I will make a stand
For the life and the times of the mirrorman
In my head there is a mirror
When I've been bad, I've been wrong
Food for the saints that are quick to judge me
Hope for a Badman
This is the Badman's Song
Guilt in the frame of the looking-glass
Puts a shine on the mind where reflections pass
Where the jigsaw pieces of a broken man
Try and fit themselves together again
Lies in disguise in the name of trust
Put your head in the sand it will turn to dust !
What's your problem ? What's your curse ?
Won't it make the matter worse ?
In my head...
And they say " Faith can move move mountains
Fire can cleanse your soul "
Faith can move mountains
But mind over matter won't you stop all your chatter - No !
I heard every word that was said that night
When the light of the world put the world to right
When I hear soft whispers at the break of day
(I'm in trouble every step of the way)
Sweet talking boys who can do no wrong
When the stories are tall as the day is long
With such a thin drawn between friend and foe
Lord help me now and bless my soul !
Look at yourself - See how you lie
Your hands start shaking and you don't know why
Look at yourself - See how you lie
Your hands start shaking and you don't know why
Well there's food for the saints that are quick to judge me
Hope for a Badman...

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"Badman's Song" as written by Roland Orzabal Nicky Holland


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    General CommentFamously about members of the road crew on the Big Chair tour who Roland overheard badmouthing him one night through his hotel room wall. Room 628 was the party room.
    Donyoguyon June 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commentif u are a dead man walking u need God
    petyon May 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhile it is quite likely that Roland did overhear others trashing him in Room 628 and felt he wanted to write about this, the strange angels visiting me claimed they were “musing” around with him so while he was thinking he was writing about himself, they had him writing their story. Since they are freeloaders—although they would say it’s more like taking opportunity by the horns—this could be the case.

    In their story, their chatter was overheard by listening with an ear to the wall to either the recordings or letters read aloud that the boys in 628 had come upon. They claim their chatter has so much more to do with the light of the world and the task of putting the world right than Roland’s life did but this is just talk and they don’t always tell the truth. And the boys in 628 heard about the lady left with the chore of shining the blinding light through the hearts and it is a dangerous task not readily understood by those who might beat the living shit out of her if they could catch her. Hopefully this part was cosmic humor …

    The mirror-man had to do with her instructor who kept saying that he was working all his magic with mirrors which could have been hoo-hah but then mirrors did figure into some of it. This teacher was also a bad-ass beastly dude—Freddie Mercury’s hitman—and so it is the Badman’s Song. When sticks and stones could break her bones while she sows the seeds of love, it makes sense to send a Badman along for the ride …

    The jigsaw pieces of a broken man referred to the tendency the angels would have of dissecting some of those they visited—hopefully for their own positive edification although I couldn’t be certain. And “but mind over matter—won’t you stop all your chatter” is like a line from a mind meld with them. So is “sweet talking boys who can do no wrong—when the stories are tall as the day is long”.

    But since the stories are tall as the day is long, this could all have been their invention—although they sounded convincing to me. Still, I was a captive audience and we know how that goes … I guess songs can do double-duty ...
    sillybunnyon August 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgive me a break sillybunny, tricks are for kids, your way off.
    spanishrock13on June 08, 2009   Link

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