"Cry wolf" as written by Lisa Germano, Malcolm Burn and Jay Joyce....
Love is weird, love
She's overdone it, can't go on
She caused it all, cry, cry wolf
She didn't know, she didn't want it
She does a lot of things and regrets it
Love can hurt, love
Love is weird, love

A girl who wants it, but has no clue
She's says she'll give it, cry, cry wolf
A change of mind in a back seat or that dirty room
They say she got just what she wanted
Love can be bad
Love is weird, love

You should of known better
You should of known better
You should of known, It's all your fault
You should of known better
You should know better

Didn't they tell you
Didn't they tell you
Cry, cry wolf [Repeats]

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"Cry Wolf" as written by Lisa Germano Jay Joyce

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    General CommentI think this song is about the inexact nature of the emotional circumstances surrounding rape.

    Date rape happens. Most girls who are raped, are raped by their boyfriends or a close male friend/relative. That's a lot of emotional conflict to deal with. It's not uncommon for such a girl to having warring emotions of affection and hate for her rapist, if she knew and loved him before. People can't always just make things simple and convert all their emotions straight to hate in such a situation.

    And women's reputations are put on trial when they report rape -- to the police, sure, but also, when they report it to their family and friends. Rape is a weird problem; in even very liberal societies, people's general attitudes are reductionist, and we put blame on the female for being raped, rather than the male for raping. We go out of our way to justify why it was her fault, and not his, as method of comforting ourselves into believing that if we never act the way this girl did, we will never be raped -- and for some men, if a girl ever acts this way around us and we rape her, we have a built-in loophole ready.

    People immediately forget that everybody has a complicated psyche, and can't abide by rape victims who are not visions of internal consistency. They can't have ever made any sort of mistake that can be held against them. As far as date rape goes, most of us are still paying dues to a boy's club, which is why songs like "Cry Wolf" are such a staple of female singer/songwriters' catalogs.
    androgybunnyon March 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentas was previously stated, I too see this song as being written about "the inexact nature of emotional circumstances surrounding rape," date rape. statatory rape. etc.
    I believe this song is pretty upfront about the situation it is describing. It doesn't leave a whole lot of room for different interpretations.

    "They say she got just what she wanted."

    I listened to this song after a situation warranting similar feelings. It helped me bleed the wound. There is a profound amount of pain in a situation where the line of fault is not precisely clear cut, and the rapee can't even begin to explain it to anyone if they tried--because the general assumption is that they wanted it. Rape is about domination and violation. Boundaries are broken, and it's even harder to identify where the boundaries laid in the first place if the rapee thought they were at fault for initiating any interest in sex with the raper in the first place. A young girl might think she is a woman, and enjoy acting like one by flirting or acting in a provacative nature, but that wouldn't make it right for a man to sleep with her. A teenage girl might flirt or kiss a boy at a party drunk, but that doesn't make it right for him to later hold her down and force sex upon her.
    mochi_keion February 12, 2011   Link

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