"Guardians" as written by and Michael Weikath....
We're living in our units
And one thing we can do is
Work for a life without a fate

We don't pay any taxes
But the state is the axes
Of our minds without love without hate

We have a higher order
No one needs to be a hoarder
Our society is such a glorious thing

In our centers we can dream of
Anything you never think of
You can't say we are puppets on a string

Our minds are kept so clean
Checked up on a screen
They're holy men, they're saints
Without them we might all fail

We don't know war and crime
Things of ancient times
We just see it if we put on video

The blue pass is for my life
And the red one's for my wife
It's the only thing we really need to show

There are still some without rules
But I tell you, they're all fools
The Guardians will find them as we've seen

We got banks where we freeze them
They get new brains screwed in then
And act contrarily to what they have been

With new minds made so clean
Checked up on a screen
They will be the saints
Without them we might all fail

Guardians of our lives
Protect security
They turn the key and they step in
Controlling you and me
Guardians of our lives
Take care eternally

[Solo: both/K/M]

Puppets on a string
Puppets on a string

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"Guardians" as written by Michael Weikath


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    General CommentSecurity or Freedom....we got to choose......inspired from THX 1138, the first movie of George Lucas maybe....I love this song......By fearing each other and desperatly searching for security we change ourselves in robots........:s
    vehuiahon December 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. I've never seen THX 1138, but this seems a lot like the book 1984 by George Orwell to me. The Guardians resemble the Thought Police, who would catch anyone who thinks in a manner that does not conform to the ideals of the ruling party and submit them to torture until they willingly conform, to a thorough amount of effectiveness, at least on a conscious level. This of course would be parallel to having a new brain with a conforming mind placed inside of you. The higher order mentioned in the song might be the Ministry of Plenty, who handles distribution of many things, such as chocolate; it gives very little, contrary to the name. "In our centers we can dream of / Anything you never think of" could be a reference to the writings distributed by the Ministry of Truth, particularly the erotica that is written for the poor. This would be something people should never think of, as the Party seems to have disdain towards love or desire. Being checked up on a screen could be a reference to the telescreens in 1984, which were two-way, unable to be turned off, and found everywhere, so that the people could be constantly watched. The "ones without rules" could refer to the Brotherhood mentioned in the book, a force of rebels that cannot be said to definately exist or not exist, though the Party claims that they do. The character claims that they are fools, which would make sense as the people in the book view this rebellion as evil. Likewise, claiming that the Guardians would get them would make sense, as the main character of the book tried to join this order, only to find out that he was lead into a ruse by the Though Police. The end, where "Puppets on a string" is said twice; I think it refers to rebellion, where the character is claiming that people the people are puppets, only to be silenced (by the end of the song). "Of our minds without love without hate" wouldn't fit, however, as there is a definate love for the Party's ideals and a hate for the Party's enemy (Whether or not that enemy is real). Not knowing war or crime is also ackward for comparison, as war is clearly existent in the book's world, though crime is clearly hidden. There's no mention of anyone going to war in the book, but they are constantly up to date with the progress (Moreover, lack thereof) over their TV (Video) screens.
    RayZeroon February 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always enjoyed this song. It makes a dystopia sound so cheerful!
    z341on September 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe song describes how humanity will be in the future if do nothing to change things
    Knightwarrioron August 09, 2017   Link

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