"Rain" as written by and Shep Pettibone Madonna....
You're lost beneath the sea
And you didn't wait for me.
You left me here, left me hangin' on.
When I knew you'd drowned,
Did you think I'd wait around?
When I woke up, you were already gone.

You could waste your life feeling lonely
Or you could waste your life feeling pain.
When you carry the weight of one too many yesterdays,
You won't know to come in from the rain.

You dug up your own grave.
You've no life left to save.
You're always saying, saying you can't go on.
Well, I've been beneath the sea
And I couldn't hardly see.
When I woke up, you were already gone.

I've wasted time feeling lonely.
I've wasted half my life feeling pain,
But at least I feel the weight upon my shoulder.
At least I know to come in from the rain.
At least I know to come in from the rain.
You won't know to come in from the rain.

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"Rain" as written by Shep Pettibone Madonna


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    Song MeaningAnother great song by the Blake Babies. Great guitar work, harmonies.

    What the song means is not entirely clear. How come I am so fascinated by songs that I have not aidea what they are about?

    I'll take a stab. It sounds like it is about 2 wounded, lost people. They both are either lost in the sea and/or can't see. They've spent time feeling lonely, pain. They apparently were romantically involved. The guy (you) apparently has left her (I). The break-up is quite ambiguous. ("When I knew you drowned, did you think I'd wait around? When I woke up you were already gone")
    It seems as if he has sunk so deep into depression/pain/misery that she feels that he has left her. She realizes though that she could have waited for him- and she made the choice by not waiting. This ambiguity seems to reflect a level of truth and honesty about relationships. While it seems that the she could blame the whole breakup on him, she does have a part in it.

    It seems that while she understands his pain, she's been through it herself. But while he doens't know how to come out of the rain, she has decided to no longer play the victim, and move on with her life. She's not going to let "the weight on her shoulders" drag her down- she's going to "feel it", grow stronger from it, and have the sense to get out of the rain. She's going to move on with her life, and not dwell on the breakup. I think she still feels for him, but isn't going to let him drag her down into the mysery any more. However, this thought is contradicted by the fact that the original version of the song is titled "Better n You".
    MamboManon March 05, 2012   Link

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