I can't look behind because I'm living in the past
Tears without emotion are filling up the unbridled hours

We cannot be
What you expect from us
We cannot see through the glasses of despair
Evade the leaden legacy

Those who separate and join the opposite
do not see that that will get them nowhere
Can't you understand it is a similar manipulation
Wake up and see the light

Doomed to wander in repressed emotions
This imaginary refuge restrains me from awakening

Fear of penance
Doomed to sycophancy

Doomed to sycophancy...

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    General CommentSorry Vampirella666, but this song ain't that much about personal emotions.. I'm certain of that since this is a song from 'the Embrace that Smothers'-serie, which is a serie of songs who critizise religion.

    This song is actually the 1st song in this serie, and I love all the song from the serie. Intresting bit to the latin parts in these lyrics is that they are actually repeating the lines from the prologue.. wait.. wtf? who forgot to add the latin lines :|

    Well.. here they are then:

    "Sicut erat in principio
    et nunc et semper et insaecula
    (this is repeated twice in the song, between the two 2-lined paragraphs)

    Well, of course I'll explain this latin bit first. It literally means "Like He was in the beginning and shall be for now and forever"
    These are prays to Jesus Christ.

    In Mea Culpa, the prologue to this song, you see that
    we ask jesus to save us from our mistakes (mea culpa means 'my fault')

    Which finally brings me to the meaning of this song..

    Christianity is the leaden legacy. It scrared our history in ways we can't describe.
    The chorus says something like "jesus, we lost the true faith ages ago.. we dissapointed you and made a mess of it"
    This brings to another interpretation of the title.. christ gave us a legacy, but we abused it so it became heavy on us :P

    But this ain't suddenly a pro-jesus song..
    No, it's more about we lost the insight of what true faith is and we now follow indoctrination. Which what is the Embrace that Smothers is all about.

    And it doesn't matter whether you would chance from faith.. from religion, since all modern day relgions are like that.. all are indoctrinating, all have a history stained with blood. Just read the lines:
    "Those who separate and join the opposite
    do not see that that will get them nowhere
    Can't you understand it is a similar manipulation"

    Now the time has come to see what true faith is.. we must the truth, the light.. and stop crawling like dogs and slaves for the church and similiar systems.
    SnowballInExtremumon April 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is actually the first part of the 9 part mini-series known as "The Embrace That Smothers". The definition from leaden is dull, heavy, listless and cumbersome So, if the prologue definition is mea culpa which means my sorry. Well, one of the tenets of western religion is effacemen and deferrence to a higher power. However, its system of belief that we're merely vessels to reach a higher existance upon death. We curtail our growth as individual to extent that we can't self-actualized. Religion embraced willingly at the height of awareness is the greatest gift. It surrender oneself when one understand what one sacirfices to embrace a religion. Instead, we follow the tenets that dictate obidence without understanding. Fear rather than reverence. A set of rules that was commenced 2 millenia ago, about god's son that died to forgive our sins. I told to celibrate this embodiment, but how can I show empathy through your version. I need to find a reason on my own turns, my own way. However, earthbound leaders reply that there is only one way to follow religion, and one's self-identity is lost. However, to follow a cult or no relgion at all, will lead to nowhere because indoctrination and repression lead to hollowness and dissatification through a lack of a intrinsic spritual awareness(if not brainwashing).

    Fear of penace(self induced conditioning to prevent disapproval)
    Doomed to sycophancy(personal failure to obtain insight as to lead the individual to a shallow understanding. Her prayers are empty fearing a bleak afterlife bereft of solemnity).

    Unlike Cry for the moon which is a institional take, this is where an individual must find his way, and not follow blindly, because of proscribed reasons.
    psychot100on August 11, 2012   Link
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    General CommentAfter Forever has some of the best lines in there songs with the most emotion..this one sems amazing. She's living in the past, how much farther back can she go. The unfelt pain from these tears in this time. They can't conform to what this person wants, they are so sad that if they were glasses there would be so many they wouldn't be able to see thorugh them, they must change this pattern. People who change won't go anywhere in life, it's just being changed to the will of, the media, or humanity. She is forced to wander through these hidden emotions, and her dream is so great she wishes not to awake from it. and them all that jazz...:P
    vampirella666on December 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song speaks about how those who segregate themselves from god and join the ones without faith nor beliefs will not get far in life. they'll have nothing to fall back on when life is being a bitch. but snowball has got an excellent theory aswell... that was just my opinion
    Crimson_heartfoilon June 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentJoin the opposite is actually like the "anti-terrorists" who go and murder arabs (which are few, if they exist). But they are terrorists too. So the person is doomed to sycophancy (smooth talk) to get across his point that religion sucks, so he wrote this song serie. Yay!
    dark ivoryon February 20, 2008   Link

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