"Mo' Murda" as written by Tim Middleton, Tony Cowan, Anthony Henderson, Steven Howse, Bryon Mccane and Charles Scruggs....
[Chorus x8]
Mo murda mo murda
Come come again

Dear Mr.Ouija,
Let 'em know who the boss is
So nigga you want to get tossed in the river?
Nigga, put 'em in the mud see them pump blood, nigga no love,
Me show 'em the Bone when I grab that chrome,
Gotta haunt that dome,
Folla me roll stroll down East 1999
Gotta find these row hoes,
Nigga if you woke up and all of a sudden
Nigga you was off inna my hood?
I'm a, real thuggish nigga,
So a, I would have to kill ya so die,
Popped off to the coffin,
Pick up my pump dump chumps in the gutter pain,
Nigga got ta fucked up bang
Taking no shorts so fuck ya man,
Claim my thang to slang them bloody bodies,
Kill 'em all, send them hoes up in flames
Krayzie insane to the brain,
Hey we slay niggas who think we play,
Nigga, me deadly wid the gun,
Machete be dipped in rum,
Runnin' wid the gun steady buckin'
Leavin' them bodies dumped off in the alley for dead,
I'm near, kill 'em all, mo' murda mo' murda
That's what Ouija said,
Gotta put one in ya head, Bang,
We coming to serve ya,
Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda
Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda


Will I die of murda bloody mo murda,
Living in the Land of the Heartless comin' up daily?
Until a me murda them all, I'm never gon' fall
So I'ma murda them baby
Get 'em up wid me thugs,
See 'em on the corner and they slangin' them drugs
Givin' up shots out to the glock glock
Eighty eight to the ten five,
Them killas be pumpin' them slugs,
Niggas be fiendin' me daily,
Me silence me twelve gauge eruption,
And I'm on a road to destruction
And steady be bustin' and bodies be bustin' me,
Killa, with a buckshot, I'ma peel ya
Number one assassin's still the realer nigga
Down for my crime, niggas be down tryin' to stay to tha grind,
Niggas is going insane taking a shot to the brain, and man,
So call it a shame but what be the thang up offa this murda game?
And I'm feelin' not a bit remorseful,
My twelve gauge just so forceful,
So playa hate when I'm in ya town
The nigga me bucking 'em down
And I'm giving up peace to the hustlas,
Thugstas and twelve gauge pumpstas,
Drug 'em in gutters mo murda me style, now,
Put 'em on the ground, lay down,
Nigga check my thang the way that we swang
When I'm coming to serve ya,
Wid the nine cocked and it's ready to pop
Lettin' off shots Layzie be screamin'
Mo murda mo murda


Gotta kill, get 'em nowhere to run
Can't get away from my shotgun
Leavin' them bodies fucked up,
Pump pump to the ground better leave it alone,
Nigga want to die when fuckin' wid,
Mo Thug nigga we killed this bitch,
Now you want to catch some bang bang
Nigga want to die when I let my nuts hang,
What is it in me makes me feel like I gots ta murda ya?
You slip when I'm high, pullin' my trigger and nigga you die, soldier
Four killas we creepin' and comin' to hurt ya, mo murda
Better pack that five five,
I'm feelin' like killin' you dying tonite,
You don't want to hear that glock pop,
When the glock pop pop don't stop,
We all about murda mo,
Finger on the trigger Mo Thug let go,
We straight from Cleveland,
Clack back nigga ya bleeding,
You don't want to fuck wid Bone,
Pullin' that chrome now nigga ya gone
If you want to die bye,
See you in the gutter let mama cry,
Watch Mo Thug Killas pump pump,
Put 'em in the ground with his head blown gone
Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda


Eternally thugstas die,
Will I die of murda now?
East ninety nine follow me grind
And all descending that body underground, way down
Me ride and everyone dies,
And I, rolling wid my killas,
And all ah my, thuggish ruggish niggas no lie,
Druggin' up bloody mo victims get 'em get 'em
That'll be little Ripsta, sinister
Kill y'all, put 'em in the river,
Bodies shiver, FUCK that nigga
Hit 'em up inside, minds be blowin' I'm dumpin'
Remember me spray 'em slay 'em gauge 'em layin 'em
All up off inna the coffin,
Ready to fade 'em,
To buck or to shoot wid the twelve gauge eruptions,
Creep out your seat would ya we come to stay
Found out none of my niggas was bluffing,
For the love of the murda man the murda game
The same but a bang bang bang,
Can't resist to bump you now pow run 'em all off
St Clair stays, down for the murda mo
Oh no, ho when a thugsta, stroll
Forty fours still pointed at the po-pos
Stop 'em drop 'em numb those 'til out cold they froze,
You know, nigga we can't be bluffing
We bannnggg insane,
When I put one to your temple,
Mo murda then blow out ya brain

Mo murda mo murda
Come come again,
Come bloody murda

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"Mo Murda" as written by Bryon Mccane Anthony Henderson

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  • +2
    General CommentI think it's about murdering people
    alboogaon December 02, 2010   Link
  • +1
    General CommentThe most known BTNH song next to 1st of the Month. This one brings back memories. I'm actually from Cleveland, we used to blast this shit. Emo rap? What? It's straight up gangsta rap. Bone has a way of blending raw and tru lyrics with music you can get high too while not sounding played out. Good shit.
    Lateralus518on January 04, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentThis song deserves more comments. A good song to listen when ya wanna get pumped up. First comment is mad gay by the way.
    JimmieNeverDieson July 18, 2009   Link
  • 0
    My OpinionSome of their best work is on this track, imho. I think one of the most respectable things about Bone Thugs is the duality of moods in their music. These guys rap about murder and occasionally, social issues but it's all presented in a way that's convincing, nonchalant, and subtly sad (see 1st of the Month); moods which, on the surface, are seemingly incompatible; this song in particular sounding both convincing and even relaxed. Whether some of this is intentional or not, I think it's an overlooked aspect of their music.
    Lateralus518on May 01, 2011   Link
  • -3
    General CommentBTNH are like EMO-Rap THey dont rap about bitches and bling. They rap about raw gangsta ass shit this kids in the ghetto have to suffer on a daily basis. It's not so different than punk rock emo talking screaming about problems we have in other communities. BTNH is emo for a different group of people.
    saDTim78on March 18, 2005   Link

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