kimi wa uso no ito harimegurashi
chiisana sekai subete dato omotteta
chikazuku mono wa nan demo kizutsukete
kimi wa sora ga shikaku ito omotteta

"kore ga subete... douse konna mon darou"
kimi wa itta... sore mo uso sa...

kebakebashii kimi no moyou ga sabishisou de
gokuraku chou ga mezurashiku hanashi kaketa
"chou no hane itadaite kocchi koi yo"
"mukou dewa omoitoori sa"

Pink Spider "ikitai naa"
Pink Spider "tsubasa ga hoshii..."

toraeta chou no inochi koi kikazu
kimi wa sora wo niramu
"kizutsuketa no wa nikui kara jya nai
boku ni wa hane ga naku
ano sora ga takasugita kara..."

"watashi no tsubasa wo tsukau ga ii wa, Spider.
tobitsuzukeru tsurasa wo shiranai anata mo,
itsuka kigatsuku koto deshou.
jibun ga dareka no te no naka de shika tonde inakatta koto ni.
soshite, sore wo jiyuu nante yondeita koto ni mo...."
karimono no tsubasa dewa umaku tobezu
massakasama tsuirakushite yuku

Pink Spider "mou dame da"
Pink Spider "sora wa mieru noni..."
Pink Spider "shippai daa"
Pink Spider "tsubasa ga hoshii..."

wazukani mieta ano sora no mukou
toritachi wa minami e
"mou ichido tobou kono ito kirisaki
mizukara no jetto de
ano kumo ga toorisugitara..."

Pink Spider sora wa yondeiru
Pink Spider Pink Spider
momoiro no kumo ga sora wo nagareru...

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Pink Spider (Feat. Spread Beaver) song meanings
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    General CommentFreedom1, I have to say that I am in agreement with a lot of what you said about hide, especially considering that--yes--hide is the Pinkuu Supaiida in his song.

    My understanding of the translated lyrics is this: The Pink Spider asks the butterfly how he can leave his web, because he feels so trapped in his world, and the butterfly replies that he must find wings if he wants to fly away. In return, the spider asks the butterfly for wings/states that he wants to kill the butterfly for his wings. He explains that everything comes to him while he is master of his web (inferred, I suppose, food and such) and yet, even the god of his domain, he is lonely and wants his freedom.

    I'm sorry, I don't recall the rest; it was a long time ago that I researched this song. But to me, considering that hide was very literally on top of Japan when he died--the charismatic lead guitarist of X JAPAN as well as an adored solo performer--he as the Pink Spider most certainly had everything available to him, right in the palm of his hand. But was he truly happy with that life? Did he really wish to be free, seeing it all as nothing in comparison to some secret desire that he saw as unreachable?

    A spider without wings cannot fly. Considering the turn of his solo endeavors ("Hurry Go Round", "Good Bye", etc.), it makes you wonder if--even if his shocking death was basically unintentional at the time--the Pink Spider had determined to find some "wings" at some future point with which to fly away from everything and become freed, finally, permanently, from his gaudy web.
    Nepentheson February 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of hide's high octane songs and it really rocks! RIP hide!
    hide-ever freeon May 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI read somewhere that this song is considered by some as Hide's suicide note pretty much.
    Naliamegodon March 26, 2003   Link
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    General Commentno capitalizing the name! *dies* omg.

    err anywho.. i don't know about that being his "suicide note". after all, he was drunk when he killed himself. and yawl know hide was a heavy alcoholic so he had to have been so gone that he was close to getting alcohol poisoning or something to have done that. i still think it was an accident. if you watch hide in concert videos or behind-the-stage clips, you can tell he wasn't faking being happy and smiley.

    as for potential suicide notes, i think "hurry go round" is worse than pink spider. hurry go round is from the 1st person POV talking about himself. Pink Spider is referring to another person. but i still don't think hide meant to. he had so much going for him - his english career getting started, x japan re-grouping in 2000 (minus toshi), and he probably had many more things planned for the future. it's one of those "mysteries of the world" i guess
    PiNk SpIdEron April 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI've read the translations of the song, and I think that hide was referring to himself and how he got to where he was.
    Omnipresenceon May 13, 2003   Link
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    General Commentnah, this isn't a suicide note. -=shrugs=- I agree with pink spider (Yumi! haha! I know who you are! -=crazy stalker grin=-). and that towel thing was an exercise that he used to relax himself; he was drunk when he tried it, he could have easily messed up.

    ja ja. RIP ne.
    Mizerable_Vanillaon June 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentPlease, do not hate me for what I am about to say. Please remember I love hide, he means so much to me, keep that in mind.

    Anyway, I do believe that hide was talking about himself in this song. He is "Pink Spider" it is the nickname Yoshiki gave him because of his hair (it looked a spider and it was pink, obviously). I heard somewhere that hide was bi-polar, I'm sure most of you know what that means. However, that has not been confirmed, so that is probably just a rumour.
    And it is VERY easy for someone who is depressed to hide their depression. I, myself, am very depressed, but to other people I'm happy, which isn't true.
    Plus, I've known a lot of "happy" people who have commited suicide.

    But, also he was quite drunk, maybe that was his plan. Because he seemed to be doing a lot of work when he came back to Japan near the end of April in 1998. And he seemed to want to hurry and finish up his work before May came.
    Plus, I will make a note, before X (Japan) disbanded, hide was a normal drinker, meaning he'd only drink enough to satisfy himself and never go overboard. However, that changed when X disbanded, that is when he became a heavy drinker.

    So, to keep on topic. I do believe hide was talking about himself in this song.

    With all that said, please do not hate me, I am merely voicing my opinion. And since this is a free country, it is allowed.

    Rest In Peice, hide-san.
    freedom1on April 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is an awesome song. hide was pretty sweet with his mop of hair and his heart guitar. You know he's rockin' out somewhere still.
    Spike242on April 23, 2004   Link
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    General Commenthide's famous last shout! I love this song, I can't beleive the hide museam is going to close...hide will always be our pink spider
    Sephyon August 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthe music video i think shows a girl jumping off a building
    rufiohaspanon November 21, 2006   Link

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