"Sulfur" as written by Anders Nystrom and Jonas Petter Renkse....
I'm drawing back time
To feel things once again
As when I had found them

I saw you grow older
Saw myself grow older too
But not as much as you
If I only knew

I had sulfur in my heart
But not enough strength to give it a spark
I didn't know when to start
When we were bright or when we were dark
I had a wind in my chest
Blew as hard as it ever could
I could have written books for you
If I only knew

I held my head down I know
And you walked around in circles
I'm sure you already knew
If I only knew it too

So much I want to ask you
You have no time to let me do so
There is no light in my pathway
You must tell me where to go

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"Sulfur" as written by Jonas Petter Renkse Anders Nystrom

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    General Comment"i'm drawing back time
    to feel things once again
    as when i had found them

    i saw you grow older
    saw myself grow older too
    but not as much as you
    if i only knew"

    Maybe these lines refer to a long term relationship, which has become dull, thus he wishes to go back in time, to when he was really in love. Then he says they've both grown older, but he has not grown (matured) to the point his mate has (possibly takiing a step further in the relationship).
    nightsilenceron February 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think its about someone expecting something of you that you can't give, you are desperate to please them, but at a loss as to how to do so. But then maybe it comes down to you just not really wanting it, cos after all passion spawns from being passionate right? so if its not there, dont force it and dont dwell in regret of what you could have, would have or did not do.
    thats_deep_manon March 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn my opinion the song is about a person who was loved by another, but yet very confused about his own feelings. Time passed by and the other one grew much older than the man who speaks in the song, which is impossible, as time is the same for everybody. Therefore, this probably means that the one, who loved him is also the one who has become with time more cold and distant. When he says "If I only knew" it shows that he regrets not realizing that they could have had a relationship. The singer had sulfur inside of him, but didn't give it a spark and now he blames himself for his confusion and weakness. Both the wind and the sulfur are metaphors for the love, he had on the inside. Instead of doing anything he "held his head down", which means he was the passive one, while the other person, who loved him, walked around in circles or in other words waited for him, without approaching or forcing him into anything he is not ready for. Whatsoever, that person did knew the one speaking in the song won't do anything, because he is scared. If he knew it too back then, he could have probably done something different. Now he is lost because "there is no light in his pathway" and its all because he didn't give love a spark, there is no flame to lighten his life and show him the way. Therefore he feels regret for it all and desperately asks of the other person for help. However, he has no time for him now.
    frenzy19on April 14, 2013   Link

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