One more girl on the top of the Billboard
One more girl jumping in with the big boys
One more year and I'm still a no one
Waiting for my day in the sun

Hello, it's me - the girl you had to have oh well...
Hello, it's me - the girl you had to have
Number twelve - remember me?

You filled me with Great Expectations
just to hide me in your basement
Did you get from me what you wanted...huh?
Did you lose my telephone number?

Hello, it's me - the girl you had to have oh well...
Hello, it's me - the girl you had to have
Number twelve - remember me?

Just ask yourself, "Am I neglecting someone?"

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    General CommentI can't believe people have only commented on the song 'I will love you'.
    Well as I'm the first to comment, I think this is an amazing song. It's very powerful and I think a lot of girls will be able to relate to it.
    You meet a guy who comes on really strong, he gets what he wants and you never hear from him again. This song sums that situation up pretty well.
    electricloveon June 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI both agree and disagree with you, electriclove.

    For starters, it IS strange that only this song has gotten comments. Then again, it did receive more airplay than the rest of her album, unfortunately. "True North", "Never Say Never", "Miseryland" -- they're all clever, soulful, powerful ballads.

    As for the meaning of "Hello, It's Me" I'd have to say it's a take on the fleeting nature of fame. A good look at the lyrics paints a picture of the artist speaking directly to the listener. Once the height of fame begins to recede, airplay goes down, but hopefully not album sales. Alas, we do end up years later going, "Oh, I haven't seen this CD in ages!" and popping it in.

    "One more girl on the top of Billboard, jumping in with the big boys. One more year and I'm still a no one."

    It's almost a bit prophetic. Fisher didn't make as large of a splash as a solo artist as she might have hoped, but she's still on my playlist.

    On the other hand -- and on to which we can all more easily relate, the 'protagonist' of the song may very well be wondering whatever happened to whatsisname who swore he'd call after date three.

    At any rate, it's artists like Fisher who put more than a single spin on their songs that give us things to contemplate far after the first listen.

    - A.
    mindhuntresson January 15, 2006   Link

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