"Non-Zero Possibility" as written by and Cedric/hinojos Bixler....
I'm just tired of counting bodies
Is this mausoleum tardy
Let's just paint you a pretty face
Flies dip tongues into tear ducts
In toothpicks fought unborn
Contusion is hungry
They still eat their young
Proto-culture null and void

All veins in highway laps
This breath collapsed again
This hex was delivered spent
Orchestra influenza
Drawn and quartered pets
It dwells and grows

This is the pocket-sized edition
Rapid sleep through benediction
Let's just paint you a pretty face
Museums mark their bodies down
And the tenants found
All the distance in their prefix

Contusion is hungry
They still eat their young
Proto-culture null and void
Fever bliss into central nervousness
I was bitten on the entrance

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"Non-Zero Possibility" as written by Jim Ward Cedric Bixler

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    General CommentYou guys offer some interesting explanations, but I don't think any of them work quite perfectly...

    "I was bitten on the entrance" makes me think it's not about abortion; I mean, who would be singing if Cedric were an aborted baby? I suppose he could be telling the story of an aborted baby, but I dunno... for some reason I think this song is deeper than that.

    "Contusion is hungry, they still eat their young" doesn't really fit into the whole growing old idea. You could make some half-convincing arguments on why it still fits, but I still just don't think this line would've been included had the song been written about growing old.

    I remember someone telling me once that this song is about poverty, and the perils associated with it (such as disease), possibly about in some future "proto-culture" when poverty is even more widespread than it is today. After looking over the lyrics here, it seems to all make sense.

    Countless numbers of people die because of poverty every day. He's "tired of counting the bodies".

    "let's just paint you a pretty face" reflects how our culture (or how the "proto-culture") tends to push the issue of poverty into the back of our minds, focusing more on the luxuries and conveniences of our own lives. When we see an example of people living on poverty, we say "Oh, that's horrible!" and then go back to finishing our dinners in our warm homes. A brief moment of empathy, and then we put back on our "pretty faces" and go back to our lives.

    "contusion is hungry" refers to how their wounds go untreated because they can't afford a doctor maybe?

    "they still eat their young"... you could take this literally... which is a gruesome thought...

    "proto-culture null and void" could be referring to how empty our lives have become when we ignore our fellow man in need...

    Then he goes on to describe the disease and death that comes with poverty? The lyrics taken as references to abortion could be about a pregnant woman whose baby dies either because the mother is malnourished or through childbirth because there's no doctor or hospital to help deliver the baby.

    I could take the time to decipher the rest, but hopefully you see where I'm going with this.

    Really cool song, I love how it could sound both happy and sad, and I love the backup vocals used... gives it a spooky, supernatural sound. ATDI is amazing, and I love their lyrics, which usually deal with important issues and often deal with broad concepts such as poverty.
    woahitsJOHNon June 19, 2005   Link

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