He always gets so mad things you laugh at
"Don't get so worked up," you'd say
But on the back deck you admit
That you haven't felt much like laughing lately anyway
And so I say, "That could change"

I noticed how you waste no time
Making your way across the room
You leave a wake of tongues still waving after you
And it isn't no coincidence
Where you finally choose to stand
I guess soon you will be leaving your man

It's a sweet smile and then a denial
Hey, you are just trying to be nice
But there is a meaning to every fleeting action
You unconsciously decide
The clocks, they chime
Now it's time

I know you try and play it cool
But there are some thoughts you just can't hide
Only in your closest friends do you confide
The way you say you'll be seeing me
Oh, like it's so offhand
I guess soon you will be leaving your man

You stare at me so boldly now
You have no lack of confidence
It's just those lessons on subtlety you missed
I know you dream of saving me
Like I'm some plane that you could land
But when you fly you'll be leaving your man

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Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man song meanings
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    My OpinionThis song makes me so sad because I know she won't.
    thingstessellateon January 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationWow I have a completely different take on this song. Mainly because I relate to it so well. Every line, I just understand the emotion behind it. It'll be hard to explain, but I'ma try.

    I've noticed most of you have been taking the meaning from the title and not really from the words.
    It's not about the girl leaving her man, it's about the guy hoping she does. They're best friends and he's in love with her and she knows it.
    Like in the first verse, "he always gets so mad at things you'd laugh at, don't get so worked up you'd say" He sees how different her and her man are and knows that they won't work out because of it.
    "you haven't felt much like laughing lately anyway, and so I say that could change", he knows he can make her happier. He puts more meaning into her small, innocent gestures than what's really there, "I notice how you waste no time making your way across the room" "It isn't no coincidence where you finally choose to stand", the girl and her man are having problems, and he thinks that just because she wants to spend time with him, that she's gonna leave her man for him.
    The second verse explains this better.
    "it's a sweet smile, then a denial. Hey you're just trying to be nice"
    Everytime he thinks that it's finally gonna happen, it's snatched away from him. He still thinks she wants to be with him, because she smiles and laughs and spends time with him, but deep down he knows that she's just being nice to him, so as to spare his feelings.
    But then once again, he keeps looking into what she does, "but there's a meaning to every fleeting action you unconsciously decide" "I know you try to play it cool, but there's some thoughts you just can't hide"
    He wants so badly to believe that she's gonna leave her man for him, that he deludes himself into thinking she wants him
    "The way you say you'll be seeing me, like it's so offhand"
    He thinks she's saying I'll be seeing you as in I'm gonna be with you soon
    The very last part, is about her finally telling him it's not gonna happen.
    "you stare at me so boldly now" "It's just those lessons of subtlety you missed" "I know you dream of saving me, like I'm some plane that you could land"
    She's telling him she wants him to be happy, she just wants what's best for him, and that it won't be with her. "but when you fly, you will be leaving your man"
    He's not giving up, her man drags her down, and he thinks that when she leaves him, she'll finally be able to fly, and then they'll be together and it'll be worth it
    He does start to lose hope a little bit throughout the course of the song tho. The first time he says soon you'll be leaving your man, he says I KNOW. He is without a doubt, 100% convinced that she will. The second time says it, he says I GUESS. And he says 'soon' twice. To me it sounds more desperate. "I guess soon, SOON you'll be leaving your man". Kinda like he's still clinging to the the idea, even tho it hasn't happened yet, but it's all he has. Soon you will be leaving your man, is what he tells himself everyday, everytime he looks at her. He loves her so much, yet it'll probly never happen

    I know everyone interprets a song differently, but to me, that's what this song says
    marquptonon May 17, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti guess soon. soon this girl will be leaving her man. werd. big ups to death by willard and the crew.
    vacantjoshson July 20, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so good. it reminds me of something i'm going through right now. the beginning gets to me everytime.
    i rockon October 13, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti would leave any man for conor.

    "I know you dream of saving me like I'm some plane that you could land"
    yes i do.
    mrs-mojo-risinon November 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOMG! i just found out the mp3 i have of this..well i have a video of him performing it too! but it's the exact same..he messes up in my mp3 and video! wow happiness.
    mrs-mojo-risinon November 07, 2004   Link
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    General Commentmrs-mojo-risin.... I got that video of him live too ( I hope we're talking about the same one), I just watched it and saw his face when he forgot the words and said sorry. Other than that, the song was great, and he made all these funny facial expressions while singing, as if there were some inside joke hidden in some of the words. Wonderful song, really powerful.
    brokenspoonson February 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti just learned how to play this song, its so fun, and great to play and sing one of your favorite songs. yum.
    lndie as fxxkon March 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI wouldn't leave any man for conor. Okay so he's a musical genius but rumors go he's also a depressed coke/alcohol addict with what I guess are comitment problems.
    Nah no conor for me, I'd rather listen to him.
    takesiteasyon June 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHe's not offerin it you love.
    Street Spiriton July 18, 2006   Link

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