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    General CommentThis is such a beautiful song....I only wish I knew what the english translation is. If anyone knows the english translation, would you mind posting it here or emailing it to me? (queen_isis@hotmail.com) Thanks! :)
    ravenloxon June 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentOk, translation time! I won't go through the whole thing word for word (there are a few words I'm not sure exactly how to translate!), but this does't simply sound amazing, it's lyrics are also amazing! And in Italian/neapolitan it's so beautiful/emotional too.

    Ok, here goes:

    The first verse sets the scene, a terrace in front of the gulf of Sorrento (very beautiful corner of Italy), where the sea shines and the wind blows strong, a man embraces a girl after he had been crying. He clears his throat and his "song" starts.

    THe chorus is his "song". It goes something like this: "I love you so much. So very very much. It's like a chain now, that melts the blood in your veins, you know?" I know it sounds a bit weird, but TRUST me, in napoletano (which is the language used by the man) it's great!

    Then the man looks at the sea. He sees the lights in the middle of it which remind him of his nights in America, but the light was only the refelction of waves from a propeller of a boat (or something like that). He hears and feels the pain in the music of a piano (presumably playing nearby), but when he sees the moon come out from behind a cloud, death seems sweeter. He looks into the girl's eyes, her eyes green like the sea, and of a sudden a tear appears and his "song" starts over again

    So the chorus again "I love you so..."

    THe next verse says about the power of lyrics, or of dramatic arts, where with acting and a bit of make up you can be/become someone else. But 2 eyes, so real, so close to you, staring at you, make you forget words, they confuse your thoughts. They make everything seem irrelevant, even those nights over in America. You turn around, see your life like it's behind the stream of a propeller (as in the first verse kind of). It's life that's ending, and he thought a bit less of it, instead he already felt a bit happier, and his "song" starts over again.

    "Te voglio bene assaje....."

    So basically I think it's about this guy, who's dieing I think, and basically is looking back on his life and realises that all the things he has done are irrelevant compared to how he feels about this girl, and the fact that he knows she feels something strong for him too is enough to make him happy.

    Sung by Pavarotti, this song is simply amazing. i's like it was written for him.
    jc499on October 17, 2002   Link

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