I’ve decided now on every thing for everyone
I have judged the terms who is touched and who is harmed
I remember well the nails that slide across my face
I am left alone and still remains the bitter taste of you

Know why I did everything for
You know why I’d do anything at all

I have crucified the pretty one without a name
These injustice scales test my weight and lay the blame
I remember well the milk that sours within my mouth
You have shut me down locked me in and never let me

Out of here I’d do anything to disappear
I’d do anything at all for
you know why I’d do everything

I have nothing here the darkness shrouds a world of pain
Only voices heard tormented sounds and whispered names
I remember well the misery the twist of fate
Still the pendulum will swing for me it’s a little late for you

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    General Commentthis is an awesome awesome song!! DOWNLOAD IT...NOW!!! i'm not joking it seriously is awesome. twisted love song, someone whos been cheated on but still loves the person, but is slowly realising that its over. The Butterfly Effect are another fine example of Australian music...Great recorded, amazing live...
    Jakobion April 28, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthat first guitar riff is so good and the dude's vocals are unreal especially the bits in the background and then the high notes.

    such a good song basically about still being in love and willing to do anything for the one that hurt you and broe your heart
    Dressed2Depresson July 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhen I saw them live recently the singer (cliff or something?) was doing the biggest Jesus Christ Pose before they played this song. It looked so cool cos the stage was bathed in green light I tried to take a pic on my phone but it just cameout as a blur lol
    Dressed2Depresson August 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHis name's Clint Boge. This is one of the greatest songs of all time by one of Australia's best rock bands. They just keep on getting better. Go out an buy Imago if you haven't got it yet.

    This song live is amazing... The initial guitar riffs signal that the song is starting and the crowd always goes wild.I haven't seen them play live in a year, but i really hope they pull this cracker out still at their live sets. Oh, and Sweet & Low which is nearly on a par with The Cell.
    smontagon April 27, 2007   Link

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