"Listen" as written by and Ed Roland....
Hey your thirsty
Walking in the desert all alone
Hey you're now searching
Lost in isolation from your soul
The bullets you bite
From the pain you request
You're finding it harder to digest

And the answers you seek
Are the ones you destroy
Your anger's well deployed
Hey why can't you listen
Hey why can't you hear
Hey why can't you listen

As love screams everywhere
Hey you now hunger
Feeding your mind with selfishness
Hey you now wander
Aimlessly around your consciousness
Your prophecies fail

And your thoughts become weak
Silence creates necessity
You're clothing yourself
In the shields of despair
Your courage now impaired
Your crucify all honesty

No signs you see do you believe
And all you words just twist and turn
Reviving just to crash and burn
You're fighting to the bitter end
If only your heart could open up
And listen

Lyrics submitted by Demau Senae

"Listen" as written by Ed Roland


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    General Commentgreat song abt being truthful and speaking what ur heart feels..its about standing up despite the burdens in life bogging u down..sometimes we gotta take a breather from our hectic schedules and ponder:where am i heading in life?...hehe..food for thought?..geeez now i'm hungry
    dariofooon July 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think the track is talking about someone who denies themselves 'love'... and it leads to depression.

    They're desperately searching to be loved... hence their searching...

    People sometimes are so afraid of 'love' they tend to seek out rejection instead.. to them it's a high, like a drug. It has been well documented by various councellors. i.e "The pain you request..."

    However the person is getting sick of constantly putting themselves down. They don't love themselves, they're looking for love from other people. hence "your finding it harder to digest"

    However what they don't realise is that there are people that love them, their parents, their family, maybe even their spouse. There are cases where people are married, however don't feel love from their significant other. And often the problem is within themselves, they can't love themselves.

    There is love there, right infront of their faces - "Love screams everywhere.."

    I believe the second verse carries on describing the feelings one has when their in this particular spiral. It is a spiral, it starts with you not liking yourself, and can end up with you killing yourself.
    People that kill themselves are often thought of as selfish.. often by others than have no idea what the person is going through.

    And in that spiral, they're thoughts get worse, and thereby weak. This leads to despair, and the inability to get oneself out of it.

    Finally in the third stanza, the track talks about how all the signs are out there infront of them, their friends, family that they are loved, but they won't accept it.

    No prizes for guessing what the bitter end could be.

    But there is a way out of this, if only they're heart could open up, i.e no longer believe the lies that they're not loved or wanted, and listen to the plain truth staring them in the face, they are loved, accepted and needed.

    There have been cases where youths have suicided even though their parents and family loved them, so I though the concept fitted the track..
    cavokon June 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think its about someone afraid to love, and since they've denied themselves that for so long, they don't realize that 'love screams everywhere.' Now they want to feel it and don't know where to look.
    stixx_n_stringson February 18, 2005   Link

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