Woah Jocko, don't expect me
To come out drinking, messin' around
Spending my time
With a bunch of crazy people
Yes, I been there before
I don't need to go back no more

I'm just a family man
Like it or not
I am a family man
I'm a-holding onto what I've got
I'm a family man
Right by damn
Finally, find out what I am
Is a family man

And don't expect me
To hit the road
At a moment's notice
Without my suitcase
With some crazy bunch of strangers
In some unknown car
I'm just not willing to go that far

The life I used to lead was a little too frantic
I guess I just got eyes to grow old and grey
And if what I have in mind isn't super romantic
I guess I always saw myself this way

I'm just a family man
Like it or not
Said I'm a family man
Holding onto what I've got
I'm a family man
Right by damn
I, finally, find out what I am
Is a family man

Sears and Roebuck
Howard Johnson
Colonel Sanders
Station wagon
Briggs and Stratton
Second mortgage
If I can ever lose my blues
Walk on over and turn on the TV
What I'd like to do is lie down on the sofa
Later on
I might walk my dog, baby
Bo Diddley's a family man

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    General CommentNostalgia ain't what it used to be. This JTboppingblues song was more fun than Jocko, but now a kid might need wiki to look up the aging references within song!
    Things that aren't here anymore or are not doing well or mostly no longer create an image for the younger crowd: What Does it picture instantly to say "station wagon"(minivan or suv, etc now)? Besides Bo Diddley and Harlan Sanders being gone, and Raising Cane's & others are causing KFCs to Close round here, What is Howard Johnson's as a restaurant, Sears pretty much is Going Out of Business, Briggs & Stratton makes the engine, but another Brand is on the Mower for Sale, and a Dad uses the Remote or his Cell to mess with the tv. which is now just a Monitor for some other device/box or wifi or Bluetooth or ? Thank God as a Dad I still lie down on the sofa to gather the strength to get up 'Later on...' to walk my dog, baby... But if I ever lose my blues, I walk on over and look for the Remote.

    'I'm a Man' is the Bo Diddley song originally the B-side of 'Bo Diddley' his 1st single release in 1955. Both huge hits, and both very new beats and of much impact on later rocknrollers & blues dudes. James Taylor ends his Family Man song with Bo Diddley, and JT also has Bo Diddley in these lyrics from 'RockNRoll is Music Now'
    "Mama knows and papa knows that rock 'n roll is music now.
    Baby's been cutting his teeth on Bo Diddley's, I'm a man, man,
    Listen to the Wolfman howl."
    Taylor was 7 years young in 1955, I was 2yo. All those references to station wagons and companies still made sense when Taylor released this song in 1976, our bicentennial and my wedding year. So I finally found out, I am a Family Man.
    Song's a great dogwalking beat to have banging round yo head, walking yo dog.
    popadopton January 18, 2017   Link

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