"Dissapearing One" as written by Alain Johannes, Natasha Shneider and Chris Cornell...
What have you done, my little spark?
Cursing my name cause again I put you out
Falling apart, you tell yourself you are
Dreaming only of the ones who never dream of you
I'm your disappearing one
Vanish when the curtain's drawn
But I will come again, and you will let me in
And you'll see I never disappear for long

Into your room I stumble now
Too tired to cower, and it's too late to draw you out
And there you lie like a painting of Christ
Bleeding on the heads of the ones who nailed you down
I'm your disappearing one
Vanish when the curtain's drawn
But I will come again, and you will let me in
And you'll see I never disappear for long

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"Disappearing One" as written by Alain Johannes Chris Cornell

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Disappearing One song meanings
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    General CommentI guess this song means to me that there are connections lasts forever, are never continuous in the external world but deep inside it never lets us go, just too powerful and wraps out soul. it slowly becomes to a hidden part of our life, through the years
    nati1271on September 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song and Chris Cornell has SUCH an amazing voice! I think this is about hurting the person you are with and expecting that they will take you back anyway.

    "What have you done, my little spark, cursing my name, cause again I've put you out"
    - Makes me think of someone who was bright and happy until he left and put her light out

    "Falling apart, you tell yourself you are, dreaming only of the ones that never dream of you"
    - The girl is kicking herself for falling for him again, she's falling apart and wishing she fell for someone who was as faithful and in love with her as she was with him

    "I'm your dissapearing one, Vanish when the curtain's drawn, But I will come again and you will let me in
    And you'll see I never dissapear for long"
    - He just comes and goes as he pleases, walking all over her. She always lets him back in because she loves him and he takes advantage. He will always come back because she will always let him.

    "Into your room I stumble now, Too tired to cower and it's too late to draw you out, And there you lie like a painting of Christ, Bleeding on the heads of the ones who nailed you down"
    - Almost like he's been out late doing things he shouldn't be and he stumbles in drunk or something. He doesn't try to be quiet because he doesn't care if he wakes her. Makes me think of her crying while she's hugging him and tears falling onto his head. She is like Christ-always suffers for his good-and he is the one who nails her down with empty promises.

    Definitely a deep song but beautiful!
    agratiason August 05, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwow...talking about..emotionally unstable..probably insecure of his emotions...i think its about..
    how we just sail away and come back to shore..to take a break..and then sail away again..
    theres alwaaaaaaaysss alwaysss someone who just stays there..in us..for us..thats the one we turn to..whenever we feel..like it..or down..or just feel..
    maybe no strings attached ..no hidden catch just free love ;) ...
    theres always a special place (someone) where we end up..no matter the circumstances..
    we're all the dissapearing ones to someone else..
    isobelon May 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYea I agree. He's saying he'll help when they're in trouble and want nothing in return, even though he can see the wrong things this person is doing.
    Supah Dudeon November 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think he is speaking of people/ friends/ lovers who aspire to join the circles of people/ things they admire. The people they want to join he sees as fads. Fads are dangerous and end up hurting you, because they don't last forever. This song assumes he isn't phased by these fads and is only interested in who his friend/ lover/ person is as an individual. When they return off their little fad, the blindfold (curtain) it caused them to have (and blocked him out) will be lifted and they will once more enjoy each others company.
    dartfon October 12, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationSad song…this is probably my favorite album ever. I think Chris is an INFP like me.
    Anyways, I think this is about his alcohol problem and loving someone while simultaneously pushing her away. She is angry with him because he keeps leaving her or disappearing. He can't make up his mind and disappears because he's reclusive/depressed and has turbulent emotions. He always comes back because he is in need of love though he hates himself. And she always takes him back because she loves him, but she hates how he is treating her. She can't take the back and forth and she's falling apart because of his inconsistency and emotional manipulation.
    AquariuSaraon November 28, 2014   Link

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