"Wide To Receive" as written by and Steven Patrick/cobrin Morrissey....
Download something
Useful, or useless
Because I'm lying here
Wide to receive
Almost anything
You'd care to give
And I don't
Get along with myself
And I'm not too keen
On anyone else
Turn on, plug in
Then just walk away
Unlock, process
And then just go
And I've never felt quite so alone
As I do right now

I'm lying here
Wide to receive
Almost anything
You'd care to leave
Wide, wide, wide
Wide, wide, wide
Wide, wide
Wide, wide
Wide, wide, wide, wide
Wide, wide, wide, wide
Wide, wide, wide, wide

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"Wide to Receive" as written by Steven Morrissey Spencer James Cobrin

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Wide To Receive song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is pure brilliance in my opinion.

    There are really two meanings to this song that are intertwined, but depending how you look at it, you can see it a bit differently.

    The person in the song is obviously lonely and is hopelessly looking for love. "I don't get along with myself, and I'm not too keen on anyone else" pretty much illustrates their current mental state. This person is feeling absolutely hopeless and miserable because he can't find anyone who will truly love him, so he just feels disgusted with himself and doesn't have the will or energy to spend time with friends and family either. He's pushing those around him away, which is kind of ironic considering how lonely he feels.

    "Download something useful or useless" is pretty much his grasping at straws, trying to look online for anyone who might be of interest. He's looking to meet someone over the Internet.

    The "I'm lying here wide to receive" line is the part that initiates the double meaning. Firstly, he's lying down, on the computer, waiting for any kind of response from a person who might be interested in him (could be an online dating site) like a response to a message. But it could also mean that he's lying there ready to "receive" sexually whatever the person is willing to give him.

    "Turn on, plug in" refers to the computer, but also refers to the sexual encounter. Turn on the computer, versus turning on the person, plugging in the computer versus inserting the penis. "Then just walk away" refers to walking away from the computer because he is hopeless in finding anyone that will actually love him, and it also refers to the person he's meeting for a sexual encounter. They just have sex and then the person just quickly leaves.

    "Unlock, process and then just go" reiterates the same thing. Opening up the computer, looking through the websites to try to find someone worthwhile, and eventually giving up, as well as undoing a belt, going through the "process" -- sexual intercourse, and then the person just going away to leave him alone again straight after.

    "And I've never felt quite so alone as I do right now" is the reaction to having no success finding someone online, as well as the reaction to the guy leaving straight after having sex with him. He just wants someone to love him, stay with him, and care about him, but this person cannot be found, and he is lonelier than ever because finding someone who will really love him seems hopeless.
    DerekDrakon February 17, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI reccon that this song is about sombody who just sits inf ront of their computer for hours browsing the internet downloading anything of minimal intrest. They might lead this life because they are not too keen on anyone else, but everybody gets lonely with only a computer as their friend.
    leebioon October 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOne of the most beautifully painful songs from Moz. He feels completely alone and worthless, "I don't get along with myself and I'm not too keen on anyone else". He wants any kind of relationship with this person, "download something useful or useless", and he gets nothing and is devastated, " and I've never felt quite so alone as I do right now". The painful horns play and you can feel his misery. Fantastic Song!
    BDKon March 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song seems to be about someone who's just so full of love that they are just waiting for someone to give it tom and recieve any form of love....
    Kezon May 05, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYeah..I think so as well...he's also creating the whole "is he isn't he" thing with the wording "wide to receive" :)
    enolfon March 04, 2006   Link

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