Dirty Davey's down the front
And he's met the coppers there T
hey'll be taking you in cos they hate your skin
And you're dragged away by the hair

It's a kick in the head and a prison bed
And you tell me it's the law

Well Davey's out on two weeks bail
And he's down the town to score
When it all falls in and he's pinned by the chin
And they've busted every floor

Davey's down the old grey squat
And he's lying with his lass
When there's a brick through the pane
And he's out on the lane
With the bailiffs and the glass

The court comes up on a monday morning
And Davey's in the dock
He can't stop his tears
When he gets two years
And he can't turn back the clock

Well Davey's had it up to here ...
Banging his head on the wall
So he's tied his pants to the prison bars ... A
nd he's hung till he's clear of it all

There's a law for the rich
And a law for the poor
And a law for Dirty Davey
His body's gone but his soul lives on
Here's to you Dirty Davey

Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
And you tell me it's the law

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    General CommentA song against the police. Davey's got the police on his back and keeps on getting arrested by them, as they see him as a habitual troublemaker. It's an endless cycle of arrest, then bail, then arrest, so he hangs himself in jail.
    Originally this was a protest song by the McDermott's Two Hours about the corruptness in the police - it wasn't written by the Levs.
    admatheron March 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentGreat song and so true...y is there not more comments on the Lev's songs? they rawk! The best live band!
    halo_nothingon March 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis was written by Nick Burbridge and is a McDermotts 2 hours song, though the levellers do perform it often.
    to me this song is about how if you dare to question authority and think for yourself you end up arrested and jailed. What kind of life is it to be so manipulated and controlled? I think Crazy Jane’s Day Out, also by McDermotts 2 hours, shares a similar meaning to Dirty Davey. “These aren’t cracks through the paths in her brain, but cracks in the pavements she falls through.” ie- Crazy Jane was locked up for being mad, but actually the establishment is mad. Davey was (essentially) locked up for the colour of his skin and the length of his hair; but it is not he who is wrong, it is the establishment.
    There are some stupid laws out there, and those who keep the law are often corrupt or ignorant.
    We don't live in a free country, given that the options of political parties are as they are. Sometimes I feel like banging my head against the wall as well. To live life right and true is one of the hardest things to do in this country (again, Molloy is a song about that as well- about how it is hard to live as a traveller, since the establishment deems it as negative way of life. To the establishment (and all their unthinking pawns) travellers are not people, they are a social nuisance. This is similar to Dirty Davey as well)
    McDermotts 2hours are one of the best and most intelligent bands around. All their songs ring so true and clear in my mind. I think they are superior to the Levellers, their songs are more raw and meaningful. I love the Levellers as well, but McDermotts have the edge.
    zomzaraon July 05, 2008   Link

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