This time I came to get mine
I saw this cat running with his hand on his 9mm
He's got a small peter
Got 2 kids and a wife plus he beats her
Nod ya head as if my shit was the dog catcher
P-Roach comin through sick
I'm gonna have to betcha my last dollar That you come on back
You getting weak in the knees while you smokin the cess
Oh yes
Word to God
I know his son is the best
He helps me out when I'm down or when I'm crazy ill stressed
I confess
I'm not as good as the rest
But I get down for my crown and I don't crack under stress
But I'll be careful though cause the girl is memorizing
She takes off her clothes
And er body is mad surprising
Her two breasts was firm and not hangin
Listen to this rhyme that I'm slangin
Hooked up with this girl
Her name is Kelly
For really
The hip hop body and a piercing through her belly
I knew she was mine when I saw her working on the line
Servin pasta & salad and she's still lookin fine
But enough of that though
I give a shot out to Happy
He's partying down and getting props in this rap
See cause I'm the type of cracker that'll get straight down to beat that you hear
It's the Pee-Roach sound
Abused with forks
Cut with razor blades
That shit is absurd
His temper's flaring
Now he's twice as mean
Now I am talking about this fool
Beats his wife thinks he's cool
She cries so hard
She's trembling
This time he beats her and he's twice as mean
Silence in her rage
She should recognize next time he is gone she should pack her bags and leave

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    General Commentthis song is about Coby Dicks Parents and how they were always fighting and at eachothers throughts...

    Basically Merrital Unstability and Batery
    PapaRoacher_5kon April 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's a good song but in my opinion, Revenge is better.
    How do u know all this stuff about Coby Dicks?
    autumn15on August 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commentya how do u know all this stuff about papa roach in genral
    lproxon April 03, 2006   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is a prequel to the song "Revenge in Japanese" otherwise simply known as "Revenge" where the woman abused w/ forks, knives, and razor blades finally snaps and kills her husband. And, no I don't think it's auto-biographical or at least not about Jacoby's parents.
    no1careshuiamon February 06, 2018   Link
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    QuestionAlso, why does he just start rapping about bangin' a chick and then about his (then) girlfriend, Kelly and this dude named "Happy" getting high and all this other shit. It's seems unrelated to the actual meaning of the song. Just goes to show how much wannabe rappers they were back then (not that that's completely a bad thing though).
    no1careshuiamon February 06, 2018   Link

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