"Bent 4 U" as written by and Alanis Morissette....
You're unsure and you're not ready so that must mean I want you
You're unavailable and disinterested and to you I look for comfort

A million times in a million ways I will try to change you
A million months and a million days I'll try to somehow convince you

I have waited for you and adjusted for you and I'm done
I have deferred to you and enabled you and I'm done

You're too young or you're too old or you're simply not inclined
You're asleep or you're withholding be that my cue to crave you

Several times in several ways I'll try to squeeze love from you
Several hours and several ways I'll feast on scraps thrown from you

I have bent for you and I've deprived for you and I'm done
I have depressed for you and contorted for you and I'm done
I have stifled for you and I've compromised for you and I'm done
I have silenced for you and sacrificed for you and I'm done

It won't be long before I am reclaimed
It won't take long and I'll be on path again
It won't be easy for us to disengage
I'm at the end of self deprivation stage

You're afraid of every woman afraid of your inner workings
You cringe at the thought of living under the same roof as me god and everything

A million times and a million ways I've tried to alter to match you
Several times every several days I've tried to uncrush on you

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    General CommentThe live-version of the Montreux festival is just awesome, luv it!...luv Alanis!
    AgathaKavkaon October 13, 2002   Link
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    General Comment+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    I see no one has written anything about this song in a couple of years. I like this song because shes talking about all these things she did for this gut and finally shes fed up with all his crap. Shes tired of waiting for him to do what ever.
    jaydeejjon June 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt portrays the feeling of having so desperately tried to adapt to someone's irrationality, blindly thinking that the constant sacrifices and alterations you make are going to get you more appreciation, realising that this is not the case, and stating her absolute washing of hands.
    CakeAndSodomy69on August 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentUnder an illusion that looks like love but with hindsight, clearly isnt. You've tried everything to please this guy even changing the things that make you undeniably and unescapably you, heaven only knows how much and who you've lost as a result and suddenly the paralysis has lifted and you've had enough and are "done".
    lipsticknlezikisseson August 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've just recently discovered this song and I LOVE it!!

    I think it's very similar to "Wake Up" and "Not the Doctor" from Jagged Little Pill where he was ambitious-less and relied to heavily on Alanis for love and support. But she realizes that she cant fix him and cant change who he innately is.

    I love these lines:
    it won't take long and I'll be on path again
    it won't be easy for us to disengage
    I'm at the end of self-deprivation stage

    She's telling him I'll be fine without you. I've had enough of your crap and what it's doing to me.

    At first I thought "inner workings" was alluding to his virginity (because she also talks about him being too young like he's not ready, or too old that he cant get it up in time, or not inclined because that's just the way he is), but now I think it more has to do with an emotional commitment, the "inner workings" being afraid of getting too close or dealing with the feelings that result.
    emlem25on October 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the songs that i go back to when i want to remember why i ended a relationship with a boyfriend. It was always something like this, like the song says... specially in my 20s omg really bad when you didnt realize that you cant actually change people and really all you can do is love them for who they are or else leave.

    It makes me remember a certain time in my life. Actually Alanis has been present with me since i was in my early 20s and i have seen her music and messages change with me. I feel like she is my poetic voice and hear her echo so many times in different situations. Its beautiful.

    In this song i specially love the line "im at the end of self depravation stage"
    anairamon March 17, 2010   Link

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