"Twilight Zone" as written by and George Kooymans....
Somewhere in a lonely hotel room
There's a guy starting to realize that eternal
Fate has turned its back on him.
It's two a.m.

It's two a.m.
The fear has gone
I'm sitting her waitin'
The gun's still warm
Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances
Yeah there's a storm on the loose
Sirens in my head
Wrapped up in silence
All circuits are dead
Cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy

Help I'm steppin' into the twilight zone
The place is a madhouse
Feels like being cloned
My beacon's been moved
Under moon and star
Where am I to go
Now that I've gone too far [Repeat]
Soon you will come to know
When the bullet hits the bone
Soon you will come to know
When the bullet hits the bone

I'm falling down a spiral
Destination unknown
Double crossed messenger, all alone
Can't get no connection
Can't get through where are you

Well the night weighs heavy
On his guilty mind
This far from the borderline
When the hit-man comes
He knows damn well
He has been cheated
And he says


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"Twilight Zone" as written by George Kooymans

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    General CommentGolden Earring's best choon, IMO. the way they were able to pack so much drama into a song, makes me think this was part of a rock opera that never was.

    i can only imagine this song is about some illegal goings-on in Turkey (hence the reference to the Moon and Star),

    the narrator has just murdered somebody, and the authorities are after him (Sirens and Beacons)

    the twilight zone reference leads me to believe the narrator may have been a rational man pushed to extremes in whatever it was he got nimself involved it.

    he "feels like being cloned" because he cannot believe he is responsible for a dead man's body and the surrounding chaos.

    according to the narrator, these changes happen immediately "when the bullet hits the bone".
    roger wilcoon June 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI've always thought it was a secret agent kind of thing gone bad. It sounds like he was sent out on a mission in Turkey, most likely his first assination. However, after it happens, everything falls apart. Whoever sent him has left him. He can't get back through to his HQ and he can't leave. Now the police are looking for him, so obviously this was either illegal or they "forgot" to notify the local authorites.

    However, the doublecross part could go the other way. Perhaps he was hired from outside as a double agent, and completed his mission, but they deemed him expendible and have no intent of pulling him out.

    Either way, he's been screwed by a government, and he's toally snapped. This song is his story. "You will come to know when the bullet hits the bone" sounds like him telling you that if you were to go through it, you'd end up just like him; that only by experiencing this yourself will you ever really understand what has happened.

    Well, that's my take on this great song. (Anyone think the "na na na" or whatever at the end is just a sort of "crazy man rambling" kind of thing?)
    Mr. Jackon May 08, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti agree w/ pretty much everything above...a man is hired to kill someone, only to be taken out himself to eliminate evidence of the crime.

    what i find interesting is the structure...it's from a first person through most of the song, then all of a sudden the narrator sings "the night weighs heavy on HIS guilty mind" and it stays in third person...i've come up with two possibilities, though i'm sure there are more: 1) it switches perspective from the hitman to his "connection" who has betrayed him and observes his murder 2) the original narrator completes his mission and upon the bullet (from HIS gun) hitting the bone he becomes guilty and a dichotomy is created between the repentant soul and guilty body (being cloned)...where do you go when the bullet hits the bone? in this first instance, you go to a physical "twilight zone" brought on by anxiety and fearing the consequnces of our actions...the original narrator makes one last comment on his situation (the "fallin' down a spiral..." verse) before his soul separates himself from his body and takes over the narration: he watches his physical body die and is once again "cloned" as he earns total freedom as an entity...where do you go when the bullet hits your own bone? to a spiritual twilight zone that we will experience once we suffer the same fate as him

    obviously i'm putting a lot more thought into the second interpretation. i think this is a parable of sorts: we know how it feels to do wrong and face the consequences of our actions, we can relate to the anxiety expressed in the first part of the song...what is scary is that we don't know the hour of our death and what lies beyond there is a total mystery, as well as if or not our actions during life will have any bearing on what happens to us when we die...it is clearly expressed and elaborated upon in the song how he feels when he puts the bullet to the bone of another, we can relate to that feeling. he says "we will come to know..." but we really already do, which is why it can be described to us. he doesn't describe the feeling of the bullet hitting his own bone because no mortal person can ever grasp it...you will come to know when the bullet hits the bone . . .
    ZinbobDanon November 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentSome excellant observations Roger! Golden Earring has always been an all time favorite rock band of mine. Here's their web site: Golden Earring

    I've always imagined the song was about some covert spy operation gone bad. Possibly in Turkey (ie: your observation about the moon and star), and possibly due to the "double cross messenger" spoken of.

    Consider the following strings:

    *lonely hotel room
    *The Gun's still warm
    *my connection Is tired of taking chances
    *Cannot decode
    *My beacon's been moved
    *Where am I to go now that I've gone too far?
    *Double cross messenger
    *Can't get no connection
    *Can't get through
    *This far from the borderline

    Spies use hotel rooms, guns, codes, locator beacons, hitmen, connections, and obviously live in fear.

    It'd be nice to hear what the songs true meaning really is.


    Paradigmon July 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentNo html tags in comments huh? Here's the web site link: goldenearring.nl/…
    Paradigmon July 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentGreat great song, Probably my all time favorite

    I always assumed it was about a hitman, though the turkey reference about moon and stars i never picked up
    Lexiticuson May 05, 2003   Link
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    General Commentno one mentioned how awesome the breakdown is......so i thought i should say............

    the breakdown is awesome
    cmw000on December 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe guy's an addict. His connection doesn't trust him anymore and he has no more (heroin?). He's gone mad in his state of withdrawal. He's thinking suicide.
    NastyGashon March 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentInteresting note, at the very start of the song the lyrics can be heard very quietly, backwards, in the right channel. When reversed, I can make out: "...the loose, sirens on my head... My whole life spins into...".
    o210non September 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm not so sure about the spy thing, but it's definately about a desperate man driven to desperate lengths, and he just killed someone, he might not even know why, he just went too far. For some reason this song and The Cure's "Killing an Arab" (which was based on Camus' "the Stranger", despite the uproar over alleged racism) are inextricably linked in my mind.

    I love the pulp-noir feeling the song has, it's one of their best in my opinion.

    I absolutely
    Seraph47on December 22, 2006   Link

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