out my window it rains
it cleanses through you upon you
the eyes of a closer kind
can only see this through
after all it's just a lifetime
fifty yard line the great divide
once again we looked into those
days of wrong and right

this drink has just drained me of my disguise
all right
it's what i've been waiting for this time
weight of this time
i'm out of my mind
shipwrecked here within reach of my peers
should i set myself adrift
any way out is fine
she lives this through
he lives this through
it's not too hard to make your words worth speaking
it's taking our shadows off this ground of recluse

more years and less fears
we've grown old but all we need is one hour
to race back and take back
what was ours and will always be
it's not a coincidence we've come to this point
i'll always be waiting every night
a lonesome night
fight the thought of old times
now did all your missing fridays stop just to get away
to get away
you'll try to become the wall standing tall
this brick memorial of stories from our past
though carved in stone each scene erodes with time

i'm drowning to take in my obsessions
it heals fine
i'll always be here until you die
come out you've dried
try this crowd is not right
this goner's shipwrecked party stalled
i fade away
and did not all your liquid fridays
start to just to get away again
and if all your missing fridays stop
they'll begin again
we'll miss you when you hide

we become the wall
when all our short stories become volumes
in our heads they are reflecting on the sky
and bitter blue
we become the wall when you've seen it all
it reflects off the sky
i've been that blue

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    General Commenti dont know about you people but has this song ever made you cry? it has to me..the part that always gets me...is "i'm drowning to take in my obsessions it heals fine" sometimes i cant even finish saying that lyric i know i would just cry..it also reminds me of looking back to those days of lost loves and such and how ive passed up many a chances and heartbreaks...and i have indeed people..have had a liquid friday...(which i think is just crying on that day a lot)::shrugs::
    S0nlxaftrsh0ckon July 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti absolutely LOVE this song... to me its about an alcohol problem, but thats just me. anyway... i love the begining.... its so emotionally charged.
    alk3girlon July 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about a guy who was dumped by a girl, and years later he remembers her and thinks that it is fate for them to be together, but she doesnt feel the same, so while he keeps waiting for her to come back he tries to drink his problems away. well thats what i think, J18 is amazing any way you look at it.
    NYG216on September 08, 2002   Link

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