They built a hero out of expectations
And what a hopeless hero was he
With sticks for legs he shook when the wind blew,
Even slightly

And he welcomed the smiles, he welcomed the applause
And he hoped that they\'d never forget
Just who they thought he was

They dressed him up in rich man\'s clothes
And told him he was beautiful
Then they expected miracles

His parents were pleased they went to all the parties
He was groomed for greatness from the time he was young
Raised on a diet of television
He was taught to listen, kept dumb

And he welcomed desire and reckless luxury
And the world soaked up every drop of drama and insecurity


And then one day his admirers just quit him
They packed up their paint and were gone
And he stood alone,
Their beautiful disaster,
Wondering were he\'d gone wrong

And he wanted the smiles and he wanted the applause
But no one would look him in the eye now,
No one returned his calls


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    General CommentMatt once said this song is about his brother who is an alcoholic and doesn't want to deal with life. People thought he was someone other than who he really was, and when they realized the truth, they weren't impressed. He thought they liked him for who he was instead of who they thought he was, and he didn't know what to do when everyone turned their backs.
    JadedOneon March 21, 2003   Link
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    General CommentGreat song...the meaning is pretty clear like JadedOne said. Love the lines "Raised on a diet of television / He was taught to listen, kept dumb"
    Schweetypie21on January 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJadedOne, i believe you if you say Matt said that but here's how i interpret it; I grew up in a town where people had a lot of money and a lot was expected of their kids. the teachers knew this, as a matter of fact the teachers taught most of their own children in their classes because they lived in the district. This town i lived in, kids were never told they couldn't do anything, they were always told they were great and no one was better (or so it seemed by the way they acted). I interpret this song as talking to those kids before it's too late. as telling a story about someone like that. "his" parents told him he was great from the time he was young. "with sticks for legs, well he shook when the wind blew" aka: he was a "hero" with no strength underneath him, any challenge was difficult for him. at the end of the song he goes through college and life in general, leaves his hometown and is no longer as great as he thought he was, therefore he is left a cocky, friend-less bitch. i may be wrong, but that's what i hear when i listen to it.
    CMU_Chippewaon September 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNo no no no no no no... I'm well aware of who this song is about. My ex-boyfriend! He's the perfect boy (soccer all-star, all ap classes, beautiful, happy perfect family, perfect house, perfect clothes, awesome car, perfect life in general), but in his family no one dares have compassion or show emotion to another, and in his neighborhood and school everyone holds him up on this huuuge pedestal. His parents push him too hard and make him get perfection and if he doesn't achieve it then they scream at him till it's reached. It reminds me of him, because one day they're gonna turn their backs on him when he gets old and he'll have nowhere left to turn, because his whole life has been based on being everyone's view of perfection. They expect too much out of him and it's gonna get to him one day...
    elevenloveron September 10, 2008   Link

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