"Flowing Glower" as written by and Josh Richman Elijah Blue Allman....
Now you know When I couldn't grow Places where I live Downward you'll soon drift On the sailless boat Nothing left to give All I see is throat Flowing glower Witless knower Seedless sower Will you realise? If it's all a lie Right before we die My soul leads to the wrong Now that I bleed a song Changeling of the night Purely based on fright I have this new sight Sad with my face so long Flowing glower Witless knower Five steps lower If I tell a lie Will you realise? Numb the pain Way high and real low Now it feels the same Hollowed out with shame Have love or feel so With my brand new name Hoping to see the day Flowing glower I'm bipolar Seedless sower If I die tonight Then in time you'll find Will you be alright? Quest your heart and mind Thirst becomes boring Over space and time Now that we're soaring All you are is mine Done with exploring Flowing glower Ruthless flower Breathless blower If it's all a lie Will you realise? Seek and you shall find Everything inside Read between the lines Here in the afterlife I'll show you the light

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"Flowing Glower" as written by Josh Richman Elijah Blue Allman


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    General CommentI thought maybe I was the only one that really thinks it's about vampires. If I get bored enough, I will take the song and analyze it more upon this basis.
    Shaved87MonteSSon February 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so relaxing, his voice is so soothing, I think he just tried to come up with as many words as possible to ryhme with "glower".
    Brandon666on September 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis Song, I think has got to be about Vampires, or being a vampire. So many things point to being a vampire or transending into a vampire. Heres a few reasons why i say this. "All I see is throat", Sucking Blood from the throat. "Have love or feel so Hollowed out with shame
    Hoping to see the day" Vampires find it hard to find love unless its with another vampire, and the reference to wanting to see the day, we all know vamps cant be out in the day time. Heres another interesting lyric, "Then in time you'll find
    Thirst becomes boring", Of how the thirst for blood becomes boring and old. This whole verse makes me think about being a vampire or becoming one, "Right before we die
    My soul leads to the wrong
    Changeling of the night
    Now that I bleed a song
    Purely based on fright
    Sad with my face so long
    I have this new sight", Now, right before you becomes a vampire you will die, and you become a souless thing, your soul leads to the wrong, a changling of the night, such as deadsy says, and he says he has this new sight, the sight of a vampire perhaps? But who knows, it could be about a blowjob, "Downward you'll soon drift" "All I see is throat" "Breathless blower", lmao.
    Megalodonon July 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentWhile the previous poster did put some thought in to his conclusion, I have to disagree with him.

    Deadsy isn't your typical 'goth' band. I find it hard to believe that they would sing about Vampires.

    I think the song is about a guy who died before he was able to tell a girl he loved her. Or vice versa.

    Either way, I don't think it's about vampires. I do however believe it's about lost love.
    AgentONealon December 24, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI thought it might have been about getting a blowjob but in the dick's point of view "All I see is throat" LOL
    ScareCrow46n2on March 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI have many different ideas about this song. I agree with AgentONeal, and I think Megalodon made a great observation.
    Ultimately I think it must have something to do with becoming immortal. I imagine it's about someone who's died and is a spirit.
    "Downward you'll soon drift
    On the sailless boat" I believe that is making reference to a soul traveling the river of Cocytus in the Underworld of Greek Mythology.

    I also think it might be referring to God. With all the lines of being a "seedless sower" and "breathless blower" I think it could refer to God because He has the power to do anything regardless of resources.
    And the line "I'll show you the light
    Here in the afterlife" especially provokes me to believe it's about God.

    There are so many ways to take it and I think that makes it a very good song. The possibilities to analyse this song are nearly endless.
    dendrilon December 21, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with a few of the earlier posters, I believe Deadsy is NOT you usual Goth band, their songs are of philosophical concepts and real life experience. Now with that I agree with one of the posters who. was argued with that it is the concept of being an immortal, a Vampire. I happen to know Elijah is an Ann Rice Fan and her Vampires are represent real human issues. Feeling depressed, spiraling downward. So I think it is a Vamp song but with a deeper meaning, one a human can relate too.
    DeadsyorDieon September 15, 2013   Link

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