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I rather shoot a woman than a man,
I worry whether this is my last life
And girl, if you're listening
I'm sorry, I can't help it

O, Dana
O, Dana
Come on

I'm forevermore fighting with Steven
We do our goo-boo-koos
But we know, overboard and down
And strung out twice

We seldom know what things are
Two illusions going very far

I got busted across the bridge
They rounded up every soul
But, now I'm on the East Side
She says, "Don't give a girl a chance"
She's not afraid to take a chance

She's got a magic wand
That says play with yourself before other ones

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    Song MeaningFor years, I could not figure out just what Alex is getting at with this song. When I read Rob Jovanovic's book on Big Star, I finally found out. The lyrics are simply a collection of things said by a friend of Alex named Dana. Apparently she was quite the character who would blurt out things like "I'd rather shoot a woman than a man", and "I'm forevermore fighting with Steven".

    I think it's actually pretty clever. We all know that one person who is always saying off-the-wall things. To write some of them down and make a song out of it is pretty cool.
    leamancon April 11, 2014   Link
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    General Commentgoo-boo-koos? is that 70's lingo for doing drugs or something? Well eitherway, this is probably one of my favorite songs in all of Third, yet the subject matter always makes me doubt my liking of it. Alex must have been in a really bad relationship to rather shoot a woman than a man.

    Also, the third verse makes no sense to me. What does he mean by busted across the bridge? Another drug reference to being caught with them? Or am i just assuming every 70's rock band was doing drugs some time or another?
    nelson325on November 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm surprised that this lyric is often butchered, especially since nonsense words ("We do our goo goo koos") are usually cited in place of something that makes much more sense: "I'm forevermore fighting with Steven; We do argue beaucoups" (meaning "a lot," as in Ringo Starr's lp title, Beaucoups of Blues). The "Steven" reference is interetsting: is it "Steven" or "Stephens" as in Jody, the band's drummer?

    "Busted across the bridge" is probably a reference to scoring drugs(?)in Arkansas, which is across the Mississippi River from Memphis, where the band (and whomever the song was about) was based.

    Is the "She's got a magic wand" as blatant a reference as I think -- she's going to play with herself -- or is it meant to be a hypodermic syringe?
    dashripdoton April 12, 2009   Link

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