"Brand New God" as written by and Glenn Danzig....
I am a walking screaming hell
a thing of torture to behold
this vivisection splits my soul
a thing of torture to behold

where you run to
won't take too long
I've come to get you
won't take too long
and death should know we

no hesitating
give up your heart
it ain't so lonely
without your heart
and death should know me
my hands are dirty wirh his blood

and I can take you there
I've got a brand new god
and if I lay you there
under my brand new god
then I will slay you there
for my brand new god

where are you running to
it didn't take too long
I've come and gone now
you didn't take too long
and death should know me
my hands are dirty with his blood
and death should know me after all
I prepared you for the second coming of my god

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"Brand New God" as written by Glenn Danzig

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    General Commentanother fucking aweosme song by fdanzig.....anti-christ...like so many of his songs.......YEAH!
    damien666danzigon May 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song just kicks so much ass. well the whole album kicks ass. Starts slow then kicks you in the face.
    KillerWolfon September 24, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionSo this song is old and I still remember when it came out. But, a meaning never quite hit me until earlier this year.

    I don't think he is singing about an anti-christ or devil. I think these lyrics are from the point of view of Abraham, and the beginnings of Judeo-Christian monotheism as a bloody, violent, and preposterous/insane paradigm that would come to spread coercion and spilling of blood across the world.

    He will take you there, lay you and slay you there for his brand new god. Abraham thought God commanded him to sacrifice his son, and he nearly went through with it.

    Where you run to? Won't take too long. Inquisitions, crusades, jihads. Religious zealots will spread violence fervently to every corner of the globe where a tribe or race of people might have migrated to over the millenia, having walked from the fertile crescent region where these religions were birthed.

    A walking screaming hell, a thing of torture to behold? Maybe the self righteous rage channeled through religion came from dogmas repressing our baser natures into self torture in need of an outlet? I'm less sure on this one. This vivisection might refer to the biblical story of "splitting the baby"? Also not sure.

    Death should know me, my hands are dirty with his blood. There is so much violence and murder depicted as righteous and justified in the bible and justified by religious nutjobs to this day. And yet this is a religion that claims to defeat death itself by promises of eternal life. Death being supposedly conquered by the hand of the supposedly righteous seeking eternal life, but at the same time this person/these people bloody there own hands through straight up murder and this is somehow okay, how's that work...

    These are the things I think Glenn was talking/thinking about writing these lyrics. But, still just my opinion and he'll probably be the only one to know with certainty.
    reverendlarryon November 18, 2017   Link

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