All the people on the street are on fire
they're fucking sick and tired of you
We've heard it all before
give us your tired, your weak and your poor
huddled masses you said you'd embrace
the lies on Lady Liberty must be erased
They braved the open sea to give freedom a taste
our land of opportunity, their face full of mace
so MacArthur Causeway will be ours
I know the wounds will close but we`ll still see the scars
and the faces of the innocent locked behind bars
while human rights are violated by the coast guard again
I didn't know that pigs could swim
90 miles to a better way of life
if I touched my foot to soil I`m free
8 days now the beach is in sight
now you stand between freedom and me
just leave me to my own device
I know the Wet Foot Policy
Your actions made this fire ignite!
I'd rather drown in the fuckin' sea.

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    General CommentThis song is pretty clear cut. It states a law explaing that if an immigrant touches the sand on our beaches here in the USA then he gats to stay. It is a real law. But our "beautiful" system called Democracy doesnt seem to agree. They think cause they created the law they decide when it should be used. So in this song it is saying how we're all tired of the lying and bullshit were fed everyday. If your going to make a law then stick by it. Here in south florida where AAA and i are from it doesnt work like that though. The coast guard rounds up the immigrants only to throw them in jail or give them a one way ticket back to the hell they came from. whether it be cuba haiti or somewhere in S.A. They dont care! As long as you arent here taking our money the goverenment will enforce and secretly deny all this in every way. Let the fucking truth be known that in the US lying and deprivation are an everyday event. "NO ONE IS FREE WHEN OTHERS ARE OPPRESSED" Welcome to America!
    MrChainsaw52on July 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentAmerica lies and kills to prevent over population.
    MrChainsaw52on July 04, 2003   Link

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