A repentant nobel man
He vowed to overthrow the land
Horrified by the treatment of the peasants by his fathers hand
He had a vision destruction his creative urge
He lit a fire and it still burns
Mikhail wanted nothing more than liberty
He denounced the church the state and monarchy
He called for an armed revolution
To overthrow their governmental institution
In a world with a dominant minority
Capitalizing off the poor
The immense majority
Consumed with hatred for authority
Enemy of the state, protector of humanity
Eight years of his life were taken from him
Six of those were spent in a dungeon
But he escaped and circled the globe
Once again sticking his neck on the gallows
To oppose the force of tyranny
That keep us locked our classes
Rise up and kick their collective asses
Whatever the form of government may be
A class restricted society
Will be the end result
No reformation without result

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    General CommentBakunin, Mikhail


    Russian revolutionary and leading exponent of anarchism. He came from an aristocratic family but entered upon revolutionary activities as a young man. He took part (1848-49) in the revolutions in France and Saxony and was sent back to Russia and exiled to Siberia. Escaping (1861), he went to London, where he worked with Aleksandr Herzen. In 1868, Bakunin became active in the First International, where, with his militant anarchist doctrines, he had great influence. These doctrines, however, brought him into conflict with Karl Marx, and he was expelled (1872). Bakunin believed that man is inherently virtuous and deserving of absolute freedom obtained through extreme individualism. He advocated violent overthrow of existing states and institutions as a necessary step to achieving such freedom. His writings include "God and the State."
    Cumhal Macarton April 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAn interesting fact: Bakunin challenged Marx to a pistol duel(when the two contenders stand back to back then take, say, ten paces then turn around and blow each other's head off), but Marx declined. Instead, Marx sent one of his apprentices or associates(dont quite remember the details) to duel Bakunin. Bakunin ended up killing the apprentice/associate. Hilarious!
    MrPryMinistaon April 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe statement I made above should be taken as fact because I am sure if it is true or not. It probably is not true. In my readings on Marx or Bakunin I have never come across any such event ever occurring. Marx, however, was quite keen on dueling. I recommend a book called "Karl Marx: A Life" by Francis Wheen if anyone is interested in the life lived by the man.
    MrPryMinistaon December 24, 2005   Link

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