"Good Morning Mr. Edminton" as written by and Kevin Barnes....
Good morning Mr. Edminton
Mr. Edminton how are you feeling today?
I trust that life is treating you
The way that you want it to
Of course I'm joking with you.

Hello Mr. Lendingworth
Mr. Lendingworth hope you're feeling o.k.
I've brought some books and a finance magazine
Because I feel bad for you.
I'll tell you another thing too.

Remember how they vowed to let that go
If your families paid the ransom
Well I think you both should know
That that's not their intention
But I will help to set you free
If you'll do something for me.
I want an honest job in one of your factories.

Please Mr. Edminton Mr. Edminton tell me that you'll agree
And I'll untie you from that chair presently and get you away from here.
I'm judging by your tears that you
Mr. Lendingworth dear Mr. Lendingworth desire a part in our scheme
Well sir I certainly would never even dream now of excluding you
I'll tell you both what to do.
Tip toe down the spiral stairs
Then just before the cellar door
You'll see a painting of a juggler
Touch his nose and that will open up a secret corridor.
Take the ladder at the end up to the street
And run as fast as you can.
Then in a week or two I'll start my job with you.
You Mr. Edminton Mr. Lendingworth hurry before it's too late for us to escape

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"Good Morning Mr. Edminton" as written by


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    General Commentwhat the hell is everyone talking about?

    Remember how THEY vowed to let that go
    If your families paid the ransom
    Well, I think you both should know
    That that's not THEIR intention
    But I will help to set you free
    Desire a part in OUR scheme
    Hurry before it's too late for US to escape

    The narrator OBVIOUSLY isn't the kidnapper. Why would he have a detailed escape route? Why tell them to hurry? Why say "they" then switch to "us" if he is a kidnapper? He snuck in and is going to rescue them in exchange for a job.
    1q2w3e4ron September 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSo he kidnapped some men and let them go in exchange for a job...awesome, brilliant.
    lepidoptera3on May 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love the album
    Eelsruleon November 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentA brilliant, hilarious role reversal; usually, we hear the point of view of the victim at the cruel, uncaring hands of the kidnapper. Here, however, the kidnapper is not only funny but our narrator- a sympathetic one at that.
    jaques_lamureon April 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentACTUALLY, I read somewhere that it is not written from the view of the kidnapper, but an altogether different character (one of the several tied to the narrative of the album) who came to rescue the two being held for ransom. Wish I could remember where I read that interview. Wikipedia has an interesting bit on this album, btw.
    HopeSoForYouon March 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentits written from the perspective of coquelicot, a efeblum. it follows the plot of the album. heres an excerpt from an interview with kevin barnes "Coquelicot is an Efeblum. An Efeblum is a fairy-like creature who is employed by the Efeneties (loving spirits) to place bells inside people's hearts. When a person has a bell in their heart they are able to create works of art, fall in love and feel at peace with the world. Coquelicot, during one of her trips to Earth, decides to discard her bells and experience life as a human. Instead of living in "reality" she decides to experience life in a sleeping unconscious/conscious state. It is in this subconscious world that she meets Claude and Lecithin the inventor. They do all sorts of crazy stuff together like having incredible battles with evergreens and satellites, getting chased by psychotic zombies, playing with Lecithin's inventions and eventually moving away together to a deserted frozen island. In time, Coquelicot feels remorseful about neglecting her responsibilities as an Efeblum and decides to return to her work. She can't bear the thought of leaving her two new best friends so she invites them to come along with her. They happily accept and join her as honorary Efeblums."
    crayonloveon March 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA lot of you are arguing over whether or not the narrator is the kidnapper. he probly isn't, but he may be.

    When he says,

    "Remember how THEY vowed to let that go
    If your families paid the ransom
    Well, I think you both should know
    That that's not THEIR intention,"

    that may mean that there is more then one kidnapper since he's usning plurals.
    So maybe the narrator helped kidnap Mr. Edminton and Mr. Ledingworth, but he had other plans in his mind other than the ransom that the other kidnappers want. i.e., the job at the factory. So he's going traitor to set these guys free. at the end, he would have to escape too, so that's why he says,"Hurry before it's to late for us to escape."
    Seezleon February 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe instruments and sounds in this song are so unique and playful. Its more of a narrative and reminds me that Kevin has children who he probably tells interesting bedtime stories to, kinda like JK Rowling.
    langlkyon February 21, 2010   Link

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