"Regret" as written by Bernard (gb 2) Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Lesley Gilbert, Stephen Paul David Morris and Stephen E. Hague....
As I drift away
Far away from you,
I feel all alone in a crowded room,
Thinking to myself
"There's no escape from this

Visions of love and hate
A collage behind my eyes
Remnants of dying laughter
Echoes of silent cries

I wish I didn't know now that
I never knew then
Memories punish me again.
Sometimes I remember all the pain that I have seen
Sometimes I wonder what might have been

Visions of love and hate
A collage behind my eyes
Remnants of dying laughter
Echoes of silent cries

And sometimes I despair
At who I've become
I have to come to terms
With what I've done

The bittersweet taste of fate
We can't outrun the past
Destined to find an answer
A strength I never lost
I know there is a way,
My future is not set,
For the tide has turned
But still I never learned to live without regret

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"Regret" as written by Gillian Gilbert Stephen Hague

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    General CommentBeautiful, deep and very emotional.. We can feel in his voice despair and sadness..
    I think it's not about losing loved ones..

    "Regret" - as it says - it's about regretting something what is done..
    He done something bad to someone, or to himself... and now the memories are haunting him.
    He can't escape from the past..

    And advice for all of you:
    The PAST is only a memory, the FUTURE is a dream. Only NOW is real. Live in the now!
    CosmicStormon June 24, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionWhy there are few comments for one of the greatest songs from one of the saddest bands ever?
    veerakkanon January 28, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI don't know exactly meaning of this song - i can tell that it's about losing person which means a lot, like many anathema's songs..

    I love it. It express how i feel many times when i sit lonesome in my room, with no idea for anything.

    Alternative 4 rocks. Thanks, Anathema for ur music..
    pan_ziebys(:on April 11, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJesus, sheer beauty.
    Anilandon June 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is beyond amazing.. I feel like I can sympathize with every word in one way or another. It just really resounds with me.
    SonhoDouradoon May 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTotally agree with the post above! Pure beauty and emotion.
    Allfadiron June 12, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's about having done something to someone or yourself which involves someone else, that you regret and can't stop regretting. The memories of it still haunt you. But at the end of the song, it is said that the future is not set, and you can still have a chance in the future, but you must still cope with (that) regret (of the past).
    Thominatoron June 14, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationNow, for a more personal interpretation of this song, since I feel I can really relate to it. Prepare for a lot of drama :P

    For almost all of my time at high school (which has now come to an end) I've been in love with a certain girl. I sometimes managed to get over it, but it always came back. I used to be quite an insecure socially awkward dude back then, so contact was hard for me sometimes. And now, I feel as if there were certain signs or opportunities back then, but I didn't do anything with them then.

    That's the regret I still cope with and still comes back to me a lot. But, like it is said in the end of the song, "the tide has turned", an opportunity has arisen, so there still is a chance. But until I can take this opportunity, and the possible opportunity that opportunity presents (opportunityception hehe), I still have to live with regret, and maybe even longer if that opportunity won't work.

    There, had to spit that out, feels like an appointment with a psychologist, eh? :P
    Thominatoron June 14, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningThx to cosmicstorm aka messiah for the news flash about living in the NOW. It really echoed the one when monica says to rachel "you have to get closure!" and then rachel says"y didnt i think of that? Closure that's what i need!" but really this song is just about what it is. No judging. Its a state of sorrow and losin faith in alotta people and things
    Conspicuouson May 23, 2010   Link

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