"Re-connect" as written by and Vincent Cavanagh....
The fragments of connection died
Some things just won't fade with time
Hide behind a transparent eye
You can't see me but I can you
Betray without a moment's thought
Regret nothing but getting caught
Your time comes and here I stand
Why should I hold out my hand to you
I could never turn to you
I was silenced by that look in your eye
I feel I'm slipping back again
Black cold night I toss and turn
I'm sinking feel so, drained
Shroud me, blind me, sick, weak, empty,
Drag me, into pain
I tried so hard, don't drown me, bound to me
Self indulgently, crazed
Black as coal, my sunken soul,
Will it ever be, saved?
Come on and twist that knife again
Well I'd like to see you fucking try
Never going back again
An answer won't come from me
Confront your own worst enemy
What does your mirror see
Is it time to face up to me?

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"Re-Connect" as written by Vincent Cavanagh

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    General Commentthe part that starts with "come on and twist that knife again" needs no interpretation. his tone and voice say it all...
    Blackest Eyeson March 22, 2007   Link
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    Song Meaningdear people, its not always about love :)

    its about a person standing in front of a mirror and talking to himself, sometimes memories speak back to him and sometimes the young him in the mirror speaks to him about how time runs so quick, how recklessness of the past could result such guilt in the present, and above all; the purpose of his life.
    so basically, its about a person struggling with ageing .
    Op3ton November 20, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI love the little reprieves in the song.
    "I could never turn to you..." and the bit mentioned above. It's such a good song and I think it's quite general and self-explainatory but at the same time you could apply deeper levels of meaning to it.
    A.Mon August 08, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"I could never turn to you. I was silenced by that look in your eyes." it's u've come to express ur love but u saw the cold look on their face. The look that says "u're a stranger to me...." ahhh nobody deserves love. Not even me. We're just hurting each other on this pathetic journey.
    Conspicuouson May 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOR

    He was madly in love with her. she acted like she loves him back and kept using him, but, he was able to see what she was hiding and finally knew she was cheating on him.

    After a period of time, she got into troubles and she came to him for help.
    he got so weak when he saw her in that condition and he wanted to turn away and think about his agonising memories when she left him, and he succeeded to bring back the pain.

    With pain..hatred comes along, and now he's asking why would he help her?!
    Here he challenged her to make a fool of him again, as he would never be foolish twice, he also suggested that she better confront herself and see whats wrong with her that she's so evil

    p.s. i recommend this meaning more than my past one
    Op3ton January 30, 2013   Link

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