i know you'd really like to let them in to more than just your lifeless body you once called a chapel and i'm not here to make you feel like shit but you must admit this is just behavior you know you can sell so easily a second chance of saving them so go ahead add it up to second best in every instance spend your self respect someone tell me why i'm writing you it's not as though i'm saying something new i have no interest in your elitest therapy group hell you know that your secret's safe with anyone who lies awake and isn't there the next morning it's a hard sell visiting like all the rest not innocent but different and i know you hate it this world is breeding cold ridicule only good for a fuck only good for a only good for one

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    General Commentthis song seems to be about this girl that is a whore who presumably plays herself off as innocent, or maybe even the opposite. either way she is doing whatever to get laid and trying to play it off like she's not. this song speaks brutal truth about a girl that's only good for a screw.
    detachedon September 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI agree but it seems the girl sees her fault to me and is sick of how shes viewed but at the same time doing nothing about it. you get the feeling she is lying to herself about wanting out of it "I know youd really like to let them in..." in other words....it's about being self destructive. either way my favorite line is "not innocent but different.." Also the blame is palced in so many directions for her..or his...behavior.
    BadAstro83on September 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentKudos to Bad Astronaut. They are my favorite band right now. Not just because oh their lush layered sound, but for the guts to put some thoughtful morals into the punk rock scene. It's songs like this one that go above and beyond most bands today musically, and at the same time stand toe to toe against them. I mean how "punk-rock" is debauchery anymore? Singing about making out with a different girl each song, getting wasted, and telling everyone else to "fuck off" is about just as rebellious as a Real World re-run. Hopefully this site will get additions up soon so we can post up other great songs like "Not A Dull Moment" and "Another Dead Romance"
    ShesMyAlcatrazon April 25, 2003   Link

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