hello lester this is gregory
finally my father before me
nose is bleeding heart is barely beating
surviving you in the den of inequity
now the sole heir of a fallen tree
from an estate on a mountain of misery
hello lester this is your legacy and i'm almost done

mine is tragedy the son of satan
lester the molester of children
even mother well the stable one that we loved
ran away to the arms of the young blood
there in your house there with your wife
her affair with jeff and the kitchen knife
a childhood peer a sworn enemy
an old friend with a stab of reality

and god is dead i'm on the express to see it
your bloodline severed by the chemicals in mine

define guilt
i can find guilt in self defense
i think in blue and see in red
but there's no accomplishment to change the past
i've got my plan to succeed father through the snow

i got mine i got mine i got mine i got mine i got mine i've got mine i've got mine i've got mine i've got mine we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got we've got

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    General CommentI have no idea about these lyrics....A little freaky, but hey, the song is pretty good...Kinda different, but still good.
    Madcappunkon August 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti can see why this one could be misunderstood, but if you read the lyrics carefully you can tell this is mainly about his father and how bad of an example he used to set. so now he's set out in life with a plan to succeed feeling the need to do good in order to better his father.
    detachedon September 01, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthaha when i first heard this song i had no real idea what the hell he was saying, and now that i know.... WHO GIVES A FUCK! yeah i think this sng is still cool!
    UnwrittenMestUpGurlyon September 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYeah, once I kind of listened to the song thinking about what Deatched said it totally makes sense. I really like the lyrics now and the whole song is pretty cool. Good stuff.
    Madcappunkon March 19, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYeah "detached" is right, except that Greg's not trying to do good in order to better his father (Lester). He says that he's already lost his chances to live normal life: "I can find guilt in self defence. I think in blue and see in red" (wonderful lyrical expression) and "Revenge, because no accomplishment will change the past. I've got my plan to succeed father through the snow." His father killed his mother (who was rather sane) and abused him, when he was a kid and now he (Greg) has killed his father (or his father has otherwise died): "...finally my father before me (died)..." and "...now the sole heir of a fallen tree...". So Greg's the only one left of the family and he's no good either... Great lyrics anyway, although they were quite hard to catch in the beginning.
    jsheinonon March 27, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is INTENSE! It's definitely about his father who molested him and killed his mother. But I don't see it as his father just died... Greg killed him while high on some kind of drug(s), as shown in the line "your bloodline severed by the chemicals in mine."

    The end, when the music hits hard, makes me think of Greg having just killed his father, standing over him, bloody knife in his hand, and saying "I got mine" (his revenge, that is). The increasing tempo of the music coincides with Greg's insanity, and when the music hits full blast, I picture Greg standing over his father, SCREAMING "I GOT MINE!", pulling out his hair, etc. etc.

    As I said, intense.
    fearnotofmanon December 23, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Hello Lester, this is Gregory. Finally, my father before me."
    Lester is Greg's father. Greg finally has him there, dead.

    "Nose is bleeding, heart is barely beating, surviving you in the debt of inequity."
    I think this part is about Greg after he has killed Lester while high on cocaine (or something similar). His nose is bleeding and his heart is barely beating because he's overdosed and will soon die. I'll get more into this later. The debt of inequity is essentially the fact that the universe was in debt to Greg after Lester had violated him, giving him the chance to survive Lester after he died (though not long).

    "Now the sole heir of a fallen tree, from an estate on a mountain of misery."
    After killing Lester, Greg is the only one left alive in his family. The fallen tree is his family tree, which has fallen due to Lester's crimes. I can only imagine that the estate on the mountain of misery is Lester's home.

    "Hello Lester, this is your legacy and I'm almost done."
    Lester's legacy was his son. In a darker sense, the fact that he molested his son leaves Lester with a terrible legacy. "I'm almost done." This is Gregory, part of his legacy, about to die after killing Lester. Therefore, his legacy won't last much longer.

    "Mine is tragedy, the son of Satan. Lester, the molester of children."
    I believe Greg's legacy is tragedy. He feels like he is the son of Satan after what Lester has done to him. The other line just describes why he feels this way.

    "Even mother, well the stable one that we loved, ran away to the arms of the young blood."
    This part is somewhat troubling. Either Lester killed Greg's mother, she died on her own accord, or else ran away to someone else. However, "to the arms of the young blood" seems to insinuate that she died somewhat young and "ran to the arms" of death. The next line especially makes me think she died naturally.

    "There in your house, there with your wife. Her affair with Jeff and the kitchen knife. A childhood peer, a sworn enemy, an old friend with a stab of reality."
    Lester remarried. His wife had an affair with his old friend and peer, Jeff. There was some sort of dispute that involved a kitchen knife between them. Probably when Lester found out his wife was cheating on him with Jeff and threatened to kill Jeff who is now his sworn enemy.

    "And God is dead. I'm on the express to see it. Your bloodline severed by the chemicals in mine."
    Greg believes that God must be dead because of all of the terrible things that God allowed to happen to him. This part could also go two ways. First of all, we know Gregory is dying, he's on the "express (train?)" to see if God is dead or not.
    The tricky part is this: 1) Gregory killed Lester while high. Lester's bloodline was severed (AKA Lester died) by the chemicals (probably cocaine) in Greg's bloodline while Greg went on a drug induced frenzy.
    2) Lester was already dead at this point and Gregory died on drugs. Either way is feasible, but the lyrics are somewhat ambiguous as to whether Gregory actually killed Lester. Later in the song, we kind of get the idea that Greg did kill Lester.

    "Define guilt. I can find guilt in self defense. I think in blue and see in red."
    Though Greg is bitter towards Lester, he still feels somewhat guilty for having killed him. After all, Lester was his father. I'm not entirely sure what he means by thinking in blue, but seeing it red means he is thinking violent thoughts.

    “But there’s no accomplishment to change the past. I’ve got my plans to succeed father through the snow.”
    There’s nothing Greg could ever do to change or fix the way he feels about Lester. Greg has plans to live after Lester dies. The line about succeeding him through the snow sounds like a reference to succeeding him after he comes down from his cocaine high as cocaine is sometimes referred to as “snow” and his nose was bleeding earlier in the song, common when you use a lot of coke.

    “I’ve got mine / We’ve got.”
    Greg got his revenge. However, “we’ve got” sounds like they both got their revenge in the end, Greg finally died and Lester got his late revenge.
    michaelglasson December 02, 2014   Link
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    General Commentyeah, i like to molest kids and worship satan too. good song though. i want to kill my wife.
    MizunoPunkon August 11, 2002   Link

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