"Staring At The Light" as written by and Christopher John Cheney....
Times up heading for a brighter light
The foreign waters put the fire out
No one ever asked you
Wasn't meant to end this way
To end this way

You're not alone now
You're closing in now

Staring at the light so easily denied
Staring at the light released before your time
Staring at the light look on the other side
You never knew why it wasn't up to you

Some may relish in the afterlife
Dancing slowly on the edge of a knife
Sipping wine of the poisonous kind
Overdose on loneliness

Have no fear now we're on the case
Beyond there lies a better place
Where knowledge ends and faith begins
A hell to stand by and a heaven within

Not alone now
You're closing in now

You're not alone now
You're closing in now

You never knew why it wasn't up to you, to you
Times are heading for a brighter light

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"Staring at the Light" as written by Christopher John Cheney

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    General Commenthey, this song is about someone who just cant be happy with what they have and they always want more no matter what they have and how much it really is and then its about some people that pretend they have everything and that it's alright but its really not
    H2OGOPunxon April 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI totaly disagree with the above post, i belive its about imigration/death/and dreaming of a better place, even through death.
    SyroVisionon March 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think its just one of those songs that if you think about it too much, it never seems to make more sense. what i have got out of it, is that everyone is trying to get to a bright light, a better place, be a better person, even though getting there might be unexpected and painful. maybe the light is death and how easy it is to "stare at the light" i.e. die/ commit suicide and the person not really knowing why they had to die. whatever it is about, it just makes me think about everything and anything. the guitar intro is amazing. another tle masterpiece!! i'm addicted to the guitar!

    oXmini_weaselXoon October 18, 2006   Link
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    My OpinionI kinda agree with Weasel.
    But to me, it ties in with 'Riot On Broadway', which leads me to believe that the two songs are related. In fact, some parts of Roll On can tie in pretty well, but that's a story for another day.

    I think that y'know, the riot was crazy and shit, right? So, this person that Cheney's describing died during the riot (Hence the tie in with the ending of Riot On Broadway and Staring At The Light).
    So, this person is dying or dead and going toward the light (God?), where they will be judged and put into either Heaven or Hell. I'm guessing that Cheney and the band are 'dead', given how Cheney narrates it (you're not alone now). So... yeah. It leaves the verdict unclear and everything, but that's my view on it. (Sorry for the disjointed nature of the analysis, I'm really tired. If anyone cares to clean it up, be my guest and give credit and such.)
    Rattail1492on February 18, 2009   Link

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