"Never Let Me Down Again" as written by and Martin Gore....
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he's taking me
Taking me where I want to be
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
We're flying high
We're watching the world pass us by
Never want to come down
Never want to put my feet back down
On the ground
I'm taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
Promises me I'm as safe as houses
As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers
I hope he never lets me down again
Never let me down
See the stars they're shining bright
Everything's alright tonight

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"Never Let Me Down Again" as written by Martin Lee Gore

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Never Let Me Down Again song meanings
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    General Commentthis is just a shot in the dark, but this song was written in the 80s when DM were heavy into the whole drug scene. i think that "he" may be the drug itself, and Gahan is saying how euphoric it is to be having this experience
    meliffy18on April 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTHIS SONG IS ABOUT HEROIN!! Geez!
    Rusty Manhoodon October 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree about the drugs, although the members of DM weren't heavily into drugs at this point, in fact, David was really the only one to get into drugs and that was in the mid 90s. Anyway, this song sounds like its about drugs, specifically, LSD. It sounds like theyre taking an acid trip and one of the two has done it before and is guiding the other through the trip. Anyone whos familiar with LSD knows that this is usually the best way to trip for the first time. Many people can freak out and as long as you have a calm person tripping with you, it can keep you grounded (promises me Im as safe as houses, etc).
    Rez1on January 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI've been wondering about this song for ages. The drug interpretation finally makes sense! Even if Martin was clean and sober, I'm sure he had plenty of examples around him to draw from.
    xodon March 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJust to make things clear for those who don't know :
    wear the trousers = be the dominant partner in a relationship
    Anolyricson August 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think that this song is about two best friends. The male telling the story is saying how his best friend is taking him away from a place that he hates. My guess, is that he hates the city.(possibly the addiction of drugs) Why would someone hate a city? Maybe because it's full of corruption at night or he isn't fit for a noisy/busy environment. Maybe he had a bad time at a club or bar.

    The best friend gets him in his car and is driving and driving. He's driving fast, that the two men see the world pass by them. Lights stream past them and buildings with people's faces blur in the fast motion.

    "We're flying high
    watching the world pass us by
    Never want to come down
    never want to put my feet back down
    on the ground"

    When you speed in a car, the velocity climbs higher and higher. I think this is what he means by "We're flying high, never want to come down..."

    "Promises me I'm as safe as houses"

    The passenger is probably scared even though he really wants the best friend to be speeding and to get him out of the bad place. He tells him to slow down, but the best friend assures him that he's safe with him even though he's driving extremely fast. Houses stand still and don't have any chances of crashing lol, so they're safer than a car!

    "As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers."

    Wearing pants like a boss. 'Nuff said. lol no, I'm kidding, but I think he means that the driver is the one in control here, that from experience the two men know that the driver is a very good driver!!

    "See the stars they're shining bright
    Everything's alright tonight."

    Soon, they make it out of the city or wherever the bad place was and the two best friends realize that tonight was a good night out. They get to enjoy seeing the stars together and they realize that a person can really count on their bestfriends to help them escape when they need to. :)
    Bomberkidon September 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI heard that Martin wrote the lyrics while on a plane (we're flying high, we're watching the world pass us by) while putting lyrics together describing one of many disagreements within the band. He was struck by the similarity between handing over your trust to a "best friend" to passengers having to totally trust the pilot. I always felt this song described the challenges of a Rock and Roll lifestyle and the disagreements and forgiveness between Martin and Dave. "I hope he never lets me down again" alludes to past errors that may or may not reoccur. Martin runs Depeche Mode. Dave probably was a jerk about something and then realized his errors. It seems to me that Dave is being reminded that he is not in charge, Martin is: "as long as I remember who's wearing the trousers". I find that there are a lot of songs that relate to Dave's drug habit but Dave didn't write until after he was clean. I think Martin wrote some of the songs from Dave's perspective...but that's another thread!
    irishmcdermotton September 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSee to me, this song has nothing to do with sexual orientation at all. I see it, as if he is driving at night by himself. He is his own best friend, or his own worst enemy. He is going over the events of a day and is "Enjoying the Silence" and knows that as soon as he stops the car he has to start over again. He can get himself into trouble, and he hopes he never has to go through that again. This is by far one of the most relateable songs ever written. It will always be one of my favorites. Thank You Mr. Gore :)
    bringmepeacepleaseon May 21, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI never completely bought the drugs / sexual interpretation, something is off with these two interpretations. Then it struck me; Martin Gore is a believer, I mean it's all over the place, "Personal Jesus", "Songs of Faith and Devotion" etc

    "He knows where he is taking me"
    "We're flying high"
    And He is certainly "wearing the trousers"
    Who's your best friend now?
    Bistooon December 28, 2012   Link
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    General Commentyeah.. that makes sense. Never thought of that before.
    soulboyon April 25, 2002   Link

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