Cut deep, the wound is open, infection sets in.
Will this be my last or does the cut get deeper?
I can't feel, walking with unopened eyes.
Lies that brought me here fade away.
Misplaced this cure, misplaced this heart.
Can't feel for the wound inside of me.
Hand of Dead lain in stone, shape shift to concieve.
Drowning is evidence that fading is slowly taking root.
Can't feel for the wound inside.
Hand of the Dead.

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    General CommentHello, ok here’s how I see this song..."cut deep" his sin has cut him. "The wound is open" when you get a cut and it stays open it hurts so i think he’s saying that this sin is starting to hurt him. "Infection sets in" his first sin leads him into more sin. "Will this be me last" i think he means will this be my last sin, "or does the cut get deeper" meaning will he sin more and not have control over it. "i cant feel" he’s gotten so use to these sins that they don’t even feel wrong anymore, "walking with unopened eyes" meaning that his sin now has blinded him. "Lies that brought me here" the lies that satin told him (like its only bad if you really mean it or every body’s doing it) "fade away" someone showed him that he had fallen into sin. "Misplaced this cure" someone tried to show him the way out of sin and the forgiveness of God but he didn't listen, "misplaced this heart" meaning he left his heart in the sin. "Can't feel for the wound inside of me" the wound (his sin) is now hurting so bad that it’s the only thing he can think about.

    Now someone else finish, I’m not sure about the rest of it.
    fullbrokenjaron October 14, 2002   Link
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    General Commentno
    Strategiststeveon October 14, 2002   Link

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