"Fear" as written by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Claudia Sarne....
Morning smiles
Like the face
Of a newborn child
Innocent, unknowing.

Winter's end
Of a long lost friend.
Speaks to me of comfort

But I fear
I have nothing to give.
I have so much
To lose here in this lonely place.
Tangled up in your embrace
There's there's nothing I'd like better than
To fall.

But I fear
I have nothing to give.

Wind in time
Rapes the flower
Trembling on the vine
And nothing yields to shelter
From above.
They say temptation will destroy our love.
The never ending hunger

But I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much
To lose here in this lonely place
Tangled up in our embrace
There's nothing I'd like better than
To fall

But I fear
I have nothing to give.
I have so much to lose.
I have nothing to give.
We have so much to lose

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"Fear" as written by Sarah Ann Mclachlan Sarah Mclachlan

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    General CommentI think the tonal contrast between the first half and the second is really clever. In the first verse, she talks about "comfort," "promises of a long lost friend," and "newborn child," which are generally positive. Then the next part is about "rape," "trembling," "hunger" and a lack of shelter. I think it shows the spectrum of other feelings associated with love. It can either be this positive, wonderful thing, or it can rip you apart. I think that's what the "fear" really is about.
    higgenthorpe22on November 30, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationMy general interpretation of this song is that she's afraid to take that final step with the one she loves. So she keeps her walls up but it puts her in a lonely place where she can be safe in the knowledge that he won't get close enough to wound her but at the same time she won't get to have the thing that she craves and fears.
    rochey1on April 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTime wounds all heels. This song simply elaborates on the concept. It's stated simply in [wind in time rapes the flower trembling on the vine]. Everything builds up, life drags you down farther and farther. Corruption.

    But you find that escape in love.

    [but I fear I have nothing to give, I have so much to lose here in this lonely place; tangled up in our embrace there's nothing I'd like better than to fall]

    .. you're convinced that you are nothing, that you do have nothing to give, and you're so used to the emptiness and the depression that it's almost scary to give it up. But you want to. You want to "fall," simply give up all that pain and take solace in the arms of another.

    This song kicks so much fucking ass. Turn off the lights, turn up the bass, and close your eyes.
    pragmaticpoetryon April 18, 2002   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I was younger, and wildly in love, I gave myself for the first time to a boy who was even more wildly in love with me. The next morning we went out and laid beneath a large oak tree that grew in a grassy depression between a tangle of freeways. I remember the noise roared around us but we remained huddled up that cool, foggy morning in an old blanket with nothing else but a small cd player. It was then that I first heard this song, and the freeway noise seemed to melt away. The boy told me that this song was about a girl losing her virginity and the mix of emotions that go along accordingly. I have never bothered to seek out the validity of that explanation, but every time I hear it I am ever more fondly brought back to that time and all of the emotions that raced through me then. I have long since spoken to that boy, and regardless of what this song is actually meant to be about, it will always be a beautiful reminder of that time in my life and all that was given and all that was lost.
    AmeliaRaffon July 12, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti love it when they used this song in Forces of Nature, at the part when Sandra Bullock was going back to her child, knowing she was going empty handed. The song really seemed to fit there. This is an awesome song, about the fear of not having your feelings and the effort you put into a relationship reciprocated.
    butterflydreamson May 07, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think she's afraid of messing up as a mother. She also talks of shelter from above, if she can bring herself to accept God's embrace and therfore shelter from all things negative. (Remember she wrote this song for a movie about a falling angel).
    I think the ultimate fear in this song is letting go and to trust that you can find away through with God and those you love even if you don't know what you bring to the equasion.
    lonnie1020on November 30, 2016   Link
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    General Commenteasily one of my favorite songs of all time.

    instinaniously brings me back to the deepest days of my depression. sick as it may be, i from time to time like to savor the angst that once plegued me.

    this song embodys that feeling all too perfectly. so perfectly its scary.

    have you ever been at a point in your life when you can just feel the dismay... pain... anger... in your skin, in heart, in your mind, and deep in your soul. well, if you havent... listen to this song and prepare to.
    SNYderon January 11, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is one, if not one of my most favorite of all Sarah Mclachlan song simply because it has clearly defined what i most fear in life is- the possible rejection of true love brought by its unfamiliarity. One can sometimes be so accustomed to the loneliness that it has consumed your system, but still, one wishes that the loneliness would eventually end. But if the sweet moment of true love will arrive, one (at least I am) afraid that due to the lack of experience, i will insecurely throw the chance of happiness away. But the desire to get away from the loneliness is strong, but the fear of losing losing (more) is stronger.

    "but I fear
    I have nothing to give
    I have so much to lose
    I have nothing to give
    do you know what i'm feeling now?"

    gabe_phon April 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAlthough the show may be total crap now, I loved the way that the WB/UPN show Roswell used this song in it's pilot episode. Liz has been shot, and Max exposes his true heritage to her, and risks everything, by healing her with his hands. They make a connection and can see into the other's soul. As the director of the show says "They were falling in love--sharing their most intimate moment--in a very public place under these horrific circumstances."

    I just thought that the song fit perfectly. You show a person all that you are because you love them--risking rejection--although you can never have a perfect love with this person. You throw away everything, for that person that you love with all your soul.
    aly02on May 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is my all time favorite song... it's got this haunting beauty about it. I can just sit in the darkness listening to this song and reflect on life... its a really powerful song, and i can relate this to my life really well... there is soo much meaning to this song...
    duffon March 27, 2003   Link

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