"Hallelujah" as written by and Neville O'riley Livingston....
Hear the children cryin',
But I know they cry not in vain.
Now the times are changin';
Love has come to bloom again.

Smelling the air when spring comes by raindrops
Reminds us of youthful days.
But now it's not rain that water the cane crops,
But the sweat from man's brow;
The substance from our spine.
We gotta keep on living, living on borrowed time:
Hallelujah time!

Yes, you can hear the children singing: hallelujah time!
As they go singing by and by: hallelujah time!
Oh, "hallelujah" singing in the morning.
Hallelujah time! let them sing; don't let them cry.

Over rocks and mountains
The sheep are scattered all around.
Over hills and valleys,
They are everywhere to be found.
But though we bear our burdens now,
All afflictions got to end somehow:
From swinging the hammer, pulling the plough.

Why won't you let us be, to live in harmony?
We like to be free like birds in a tree.

Hallelujah time! yes, you can hear the children singing.
Hallelujah time! yes, as they go singing by and by.
Hallelujah time! oh "hallelujah" singing in the morning.
Let them sing; never let them cry.
Hallelujah time! "hallelujah" singin' in the morning.

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"Hallelujah Time" as written by Neville O'riley Livingston

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    My OpinionOkay, so how come there's no comments on this song. It needs more recognition. Hallelujah time and Soul Captives are arguably the two most underrated marley songs out there (not to mention the gems of their really early work). The Wailer's music is clouded by their mainstream songs. I challenge the common marley fan to name 8 songs by him or even the name of an album or two. One of the things that makes the Wailers so legendary is the huge AMOUNT of great music they created, not just a handful of songs. That's what puts them up there with The Beatles and Led Zep, who also never stopped the steady flow of PURE GENIUS.

    Anyway I came to songmeanings.com to find the meaning to this song. I like hearing other peoples opinions and ideas more than I like thinking about my own haha. Here goes mine, though, since I'm the first to comment: Umm, I'm incredibly simple-minded and uncreative about this stuff, but I'm thinking they had a hard winter and are very happy that spring has come, but now they must work even harder to harvest the crops because of a dry spell. But if they "bear their burdens now," all their afflictions will end somehow. Hard work pays off.

    How's that for my first interpretation ever?

    And also, if you are a fan of reggae, ska, etc. CHECK THIS GUY OUT: The Scientist (Hopeton Brown), pioneer of the Dub genre (GTA3 for the win. I congratulate anyone who got that reference). He is one of the most underrated musicians I've ever come across, and music has been my life since I first discovered Led Zep when I was 4 :) The Scientist was a minor player in the Jamaican scene, so he hardly got any recognition at all, although he's a world famous recording engineer. Anyway, check out these two albums: "Kingdom of Dub" and "The Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires". I know, the latter has a crazy name, and its song titles are just as crazy, but the music is some of the best I've come across in a long while. Give it a few listens. I hope you like it.
    theresurrectionon January 20, 2012   Link

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