"P.S." as written by Johnny Mercer and Gordon Jenkins....
As I write this letter, send my love to you
Remember that I'll always be in love with you
Treasure these few words till we're together
Keep all my love forever

P.S. I love you, you, you, you
As I write this letter, send my love to you
Remember that I'll always be in love with you

I'll be coming home again to you, love
And till the day I do, love, you, you, you, you

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"P.S." as written by Johnny Mercer Gordon Jenkins

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    General Commentwhy hasnt anyone commented about this? this is an amazing song!
    nic-ckon September 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFavourite song by James.
    Wambson December 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about a person who lies and pretends to everyone around them, and in doing so loses sight of who they really are until all they have left is bitterness inside because once people grow bored of their lies they move on.
    Wambson July 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI believe its about an unhappy woman in a marriage who is in love with another man. She is sneaking around on her husband having an emotional affair. She is telling her not-yet lover how unhappy she is and he falls in love with her because he wants to make her happy. But she can not be happy. She rips his heart out because she is toxic. Rather than be with someone whom she is in love with, she remains unhappy with her husband. And her lover is left confused and alone.

    You're a weapon of devotion
    Keep the faithful entertained
    You're a lover of attention
    Found a way to pawn the soul
    Disposition may be fetching
    But the world moves on and leaves you far behind

    (She is a weapon of devotion b/c although she feels she is devoted by not having sex she is still cheating
    She is entertaining faith by not yet having sex but having an emotional affair.)

    I hear you, I hear you, whispering such gorgeous stories
    I see you, I see you, trying to break free
    You liar, you liar, you can't live the dreams you're spinning
    You liar, love to be deceived

    (This is where she is telling her lover how much she needs him in her life; In reality she just needs to feel needed)

    You're falling, you're falling, falling from your god-like distance
    You're fashion, just fashion, fashion doesn't keep
    You're sour, so sour, all is hope and trust is misplaced
    You're sour, now you are alone

    (He has learned that she is not going to leave her husband. She is placing all of her trust in her lover but will not give herself to him; He is leaving her b/c he no longer sees her as desirable)

    Walking on fire, feel the way the world's inclining
    Walking on fire, hate to deceive
    Walking on fire, now the world will keep its distance
    Walking on fire, you rather than me

    (Her lifestyle has her walking on fire. Its is a uphill battle. He was her world now he keeping a distance from her. He is saying, you can continue to walk on fire but I'm not sticking around if you dont want to be soley with me.)

    My son says, dear father, what did you do when the world turned over
    Keep spinning, keep spinning, send us off to sleep
    You liar, you liar, all your words are just dust in moonshine
    You liar, love to be deceived

    (This part can go two ways. One he moved on and found a new love and moved on to a family and he is saying like he is so separated from it that it is almost like a bedtime story. Or He is sharing with his son a heartbreak b/c he is going through girl troubles.

    Walking on fire, found a place away from humans
    Walking on fire, hate to deceive
    Walking on fire, now the world will keep its distance
    Walking on fire, you rather than me

    This song breaks my heart, brilliantly written. Its amazing it is not more known. One of my personal favorite songs along with many other songs by James.

    jimmyjames329on May 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think Wambs right.The character in this song can't trust the person he love, but is still in love with her. he just cannot know what's real and what's fake and feel like their whole story is a big scam. Maybe he regret the time and heart he put in this relationship built on a lie.
    The song feels like a bid deception about a person who plays a game socially and make people believe she's someone she's not, and the character, knowing the truth, see that even when you think you know someone, maybe you don't know the real person behind all the "fakeness". And that's a sad thing. And although this song make me a bit sad, i feel blown away everytime.
    But, maybe it's juste cuz i associate it with my life : i've been 2 years with a guy who had already a girlfriend for 3 years when i met him.I didn't know it so i fell in love, and stayed with him 2 years before finding the truth and discover he just got engaged with the other girl, so he said to me that we had to call it quit. He had mastered a way to have a complete double life and i was just fun to fuck before he decide to settle down. In 2 years, i don't know what was true, but i know that people can be whoever they want just to get something for you.

    That's my thing about this song : my ass is kicked.
    FlyingZoweeon July 21, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the song is abolut the devil
    grillonon July 12, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI Believe the song is about a Man who is
    hopelessly in love with a bipolar woman, and she Has never confronted him with her disorder because of The judgement she may face. so He is left in total darkness and confusion.
    siciliaon July 31, 2014   Link

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