Bitch (Bitch)
Do you want (Do you want me)
Cause I'm famous (I'm famous)
Is that right (That's right)

Gettin Teabagged
On your face
Ha, Haha!!

Bitch I'm the sexiest killa you know
Come equiped with an axe and some love handles
Vampire out the water, straight to land
Can a killa that you know fuck you better then I can
I you say that they could bitch you's a liar
You must of never had a juggalo between your thighs
Didn't like the fat kid that cutting your lawn
Now your given headshots for your favorite songs

So bitch you think I'm sexy
And you want my willy
Then you best exspect me
To slap in your fucking mouth
Oh thats right bitch you like killers in the sky
Sure I'll fuck but don't exspect to leave a ???
I'll make sweet to the neden of juggalette
A fake bitch out for props gets her neck wet

Baby ain't I sexy (Can I get a shot of ass)
Tell me am I sexy (Can me see your titties)
Baby ain't I sexy (Can I get a head shot)
Tell me am I sexy
Baby ain't I sexy (Can I get a head shot)
Tell me am I sexy
Baby ain't I sexy (All my dogs)
Tell am I sexy

What up young bitch, I know you like dick
Drop to your knees and tell me what you think
As my dick slides up in and out your face
Seven years dead fuck bitch, how it taste
Lay your ass down and close your eyes
Imagine dead dick between your thighs
Can nobody do it quit like this
I might be dead but I sexy bitch

Bitch I can't front in the days of no pay
I still had the game to put you face on fame
Monox boogie in this bitch with my dick all hard
Face fucking all you be hos be my only trump card
You can kick it with the punk next door
But when you see me ain't no talkin cause we fuckin on the floor
And all the front shit gots to go
I'm on the hunt for the freak nasty bitch from head to toe

Baby ain't I sexy (I think you are)
Tell me am I sexy (I have all your albums)
Baby ain't I sexy (I went and bought them yesterday but I'm definetly a Juffalo)

Baby ain't I sexy (I would say)
Tell me am I sexy (I would do like anything in the world)
Baby ain't I sexy (Just to be with you, only you)
Tell me am I sexy (It's because of who you are)

Bitch ain't I sexy
Wanna take a ride in my lexy
Well I ain't got a lexy
I got a Taxi
Get the fuck in it
Floor it and pay for it
We the Dark Lotus six
We don't like richy ass groupy chicks
I never got neden before I was famous
Bounce our get my foot in your anus
Bitch you think it's all song and dance
I'm gonna bust your head if you don't come out of them pants
You don't get to choose us or take your pick
You be lucky if you get to suck Squeeky's dick
Bitch I'm sexy take off my shirt
What's that all on my back dirt
Not down and dirty but I'm Violent J
And the mother fucking Lotus Pod be the hideaway
Bitch show a juggalette respect
You don't wanna tussle with a down ninjette
Life ain't nothing but bitches and money
And I ain't got either one so get the fuck on

Baby ain't I sexy (Bitch)
Tell me am I sexy (That's right)
Baby ain't I sexy (Quit this bullshit)
Tell me am I sexy
Baby ain't I sexy (Cause that what it is)
Tell me am I sexy (Bullshit bitch)
Baby ain't I sexy (You better suck my dick)
Tell me am I sexy (Til my balls get wet)

Hey yo Mars how the fuck you play with these wanna be juggalettes

Shit, I whip out my dick
And spit on you bitch
Piss on your tits
And shit in your slit
So whats up slut
Know I'm ready to fuck
Up in that ass or the cunt
While that Lotus shit bump
My dicks got a wart
My balls got a lump
Raw dog up in the hole
Man fuck a condom
I knock a bitch out and fuck up her limp body
Where hippin already let's start the party

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